Executing ECHR judgements

Following on from yesterday’s Council of Europe theme, we now have calls from PACE for a significant number of its members to create bodies to insure the execution of ECHR rulings.

Of those nations, 5 are EU nations and the others are not.  They are  Poland, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Moldova and of course, Ukraine.

It appears that PACE is calling upon these nations to create an agency responsible for insuring ECHR rulings are executed, which is fine as far as it goes, however it can hardly be claimed that all ECHR rulings are executed (in a timely fashion or not) within all the other member states that are deemed to have suitable mechanisms to do so.

The last paragraph of the above link could be very interesting.

“The Council of Europe governments are also called on to “increase pressure and take firmer measures” in cases of dilatory and continuous non-compliance with the European Court’s judgments.”

Interesting insofar as “dilatory and continuous non-compliance” may have some rather unexpected offenders – or maybe not that unexpected actually.