Ukraine PACE delegation showing signs of maturity?

Well, without fisty-cuffs, bribery, coercion, scandal, or even a raised voice, the Ukrainian delegation to PACE has managed to sort itself out administratively – probably due to the fact that the meeting to discuss the Ukrainian PACE delegation organogram was delayed by bad weather as participants were stuck at various European airports, thus reducing the time for showboating around “positions” and “interests” and forcing all involved to head directly to their the base positions of “needs” between scheduled PACE meetings.

As a result the composition of the Ukrainian PACE delegation and PACE committees have been resolved – swiftly – with equal representation for Ukrainian majority and minority politicians.

My only comment relates to the fact that the United Opposition could find nobody better than Serhiy Sobolev to fill the position of Deputy Chairman in that international role.  There must surely have been better people to take it on than him.


  1. Ukraine’s representation at PACE is as partisan as Ukrainian politics itself. Seeing that the Ukrainian delegation includes 12 MPs – 5 from the Party of Regions, 1 from the Communist Party, and 1 independent representing the government (7 total) on one side … 3 from Batkivshchyna, 1 from UDAR, 1 from Svoboda representing the opposition (5 total) on the other side – Soboloev is the most experienced parliamentarian from the opposition’s quota. He is in the least no less qualified than Popesku.

    • I am well aware of the Ukrainian delegation make-up, however when it comes to interaction of such delegations within international bodies they all seem to work quite well and in a fashion far less partisan than domestically – as has been noted by numerous diplomats from foreign nations.

      When it comes to Sobolev, he is a long standing MP that is true – but there are many long standing MPs across all party lines who are less than capable.

      He is nowhere near as clever, diplomatic, charismatic or capable as Mykola Tomenko for example, who is equally as long standing a Batkivshchyna MP.

    • I am well aware of the make-up of the Ukrainian delegation – however, Ukrainian delegations seem to work quite well within international organisations as has been noted by numerous international counterparts.

      It would seem that the highly partisan domestic agenda does not extend greatly into the delegations to international organisations.

      As for Sobolev, he is a long standing MP. That does not make him good or the best candidate. He is absolutely dwarfed in technique, ability, presentation, negotiation ability, diplomatic ability and charisma but others such as Mykola Tomenko.