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Babchenko – A few comments

Having had an inbox replete with requests for comment upon the latest Babchenko murder that wasn’t, it would seem sensible to simply write a few lines publicly which may quoted, argued, or ignored as is a readers want. Firstly, this is not the first time that the SBU has used this modus operandi, as several […]

Getting behind the numbers – Politicians and public tenders

According to Ukrainian anti-corruption NGOs, Ukrainian parliamentarians, their immediate families, or trading entities closely associated to the politicians, won public State tenders for UAH 4.1 billion during 2017. To be clear, the statement in the above link outlines no methodology or sources from whence the claims are drawn.  A reader is left to conclude that […]

Euro 1 Billion (with the usual caveats)

The European Council (at the level of ministers rather than Heads of State) has finally endorsed a macro-financial package for Ukraine following the European Parliament approval. The full agreement can be found here. or can be downloaded at the bottom of the Council’s website statement. “A further €1 billion in loans will cover Ukraine’s financing needs over […]

Akhmetov looks (to expand assets in the) West

Rinat Akhmetov and his SCM Group are well known in Ukraine.  He is purportedly the wealthiest of the oligarchs in Ukraine. He owns, or perhaps better stated has significant sway across large sectors of the Ukrainian economy – those spheres of the economy commonly described as “captured”.  Mines, metals, telecoms, alternative energy etc., etc. This […]

Gazprom, the EU Commission and Ukraine – A speech worthy of note

Just over a month ago an entry appeared regarding North Stream II and the issues it presents for Ukraine, the EU, Russia (and the USA). In summary after acknowledging that NSII will become a reality, and simultaneously acknowledging that when it does, even with a southern route (from the many proposed) also eventually becoming a […]

“The Beeb”, Trump and The Bankova (and $400,000)

What can you get for $400,000 in Ukrainian politics? According to the BBC, it buys Ukrainian President Poroshenko a meeting with US President Trump – via a little smoke and mirrors involving lawyerly Trump acquaintance Michael Cohen and a NYC Jewish organisation. Questionable ethics and individual morality appear to be the charges leveled. The Bankova […]

“They think it’s all over……it is now!” Ukraine rolls up organised crime in football

The Ministry of Interior, via the Minister’s Facebook page, claimed that the Ukrainian police rolled up an organised crime syndicate involving 5 organised groups involved in match-fixing across the Ukrainian football league. After 2 years of investigation, on the eve of the Champions League Final in Kyiv, the police executed 40 authorised searches in Kyiv, […]

NSDC Statement on RIA (and the media more generally)

An interesting statement appeared on the NSDC website relating to the recent arrest of a RIA journalist regarding the preparation and dissemination of what Ukraine considers Russian propaganda. The statement reads:  “The journalists of “RIA Novosti Ukraine” prepared news stories to discredit Ukraine, the state cannot accept this and will act adequately. This was stated […]

Ukraine Now (A rebranding for those who will see it)

The Ukrainian authorities recently decided upon a rebranding to attract FDI (and hopefully SMEs) into Ukraine – or at least to plant the seed of attracting FDI (and hopefully SMEs) into Ukraine via a rebranding. It has to be said the logo is not to bad at all. It also has to be said that […]

An interview about barges – Alexander Urbansky

First and foremost, full disclosure.  The blog knows Alexander Urbansky, the Solidarity/Poroshenko MP involved in this interview about barges, shipbuilding and inland waterways.  The blog does not know Alexander Urbansky particularly well it has to be said.  The blog is more familiar with his brother Anatoli Urbansky, the current Chairman of the Odessa Oblast Rada.  […]