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SBU (not NABU) investigates Odessa City Hall

In late October 2017 an entry appeared relating to an apparent raid and attempted theft of Ukrainian military land by the cast of usual suspects (Trukhanov, Lampochka Galanternik, Alexander Zhukov etc) in Odessa. To be fair to Mayor Trukhanov, clearly he was not leading this particular criminal incident – his historical and longstanding partners in organised […]

SAP Nazar Kholodnitsky to be disciplined – Is that enough?

Nazar Kholodnitsky the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office appears likely to be disciplined/reprimanded for issues that seem to revolve around certain decisions, comments and actions (or lack of) he has made. Fair enough.  Institutions have rules, processes, procedures and structures that are to be adhered to – otherwise why have them? That the […]

Ukraine signs up to the OECD tax initiative – but will it ratify it?

Of the many questions/thoughts this blog asks when an entry appears, more often than not at least one of the following is among them on every entry:   Follow the money!   Who benefits?   Who decides, and who decides who decides? Of course (almost) nothing in life is free, there are always beneficiaries to […]

An SBI update (keep your expectations low)

Throughout the autumn of 2017, the blog plotted the predictable and deliberately slow progress relating to the creation of the creation of the State Bureau of Investigations – a process timed to insure that it would not be fully functional and productive before the elections of 2019. 18th July 2018 witnessed that latest progress (as […]

Not such a Turkish Delight in Odessa

It is no secret that foreign agencies work in Odessa Oblast. The most obvious that would come to mind is that of the Russian Federation, but as a reader moves closer to Europe then the Romanian SIE is active, as is Mossad, and of course Turkey across the Black Sea also has a great interest […]

Bastille Day – Ukraine buys 55 Airbus (French) helicopters

As the citizens of France celebrate lopping off the heads of their aristocracy, with no doubt Bastille Day celebrations continuing into Sunday for the World Cup final, the 14th July also witnessed Ukraine sign a contract with France to purchase 55 helicopters for the Ministry of Interior. The deal was witnessed by Prime Minister Groisman, […]

The NATO communique – A long read

Today’s long read is the Brussel’s NATO Summit communique To be blunt little more will be said until any surprise inclusions or exclusions have been pondered. A little thinking time is required to digest what is in the lines, between the lines, or simply absent – and what can therefore be inferred.  Clearly there was […]

More haste, less speed – Draft Law 6688 update

A few days ago an entry appeared expressing concern regarding some very woolly draft legislative text relating to the ability of the SBU,prosecutors or investigators to block/shut down/ban websites for 48 hours without any judicial involvement, and that therefore appeared prime for abuse – “aimed at infringing public safety; intimidating the population;  provoking military conflict, international […]

A disagreeable entry – Ukraine and the Trump-Putin tete a tete

Having had a few emails asking about thoughts and outcomes of the Trump-Putin meeting and the implications for Ukraine, the blog despite better judgment will surrender and write a few lines – as disagreeable as writing those few lines actually is. Disagreeable why?  Because there is no foreseeing what oratory will spew forth post-meeting other […]

What’s going on at Naftogaz? Is that the smell of gas or politics?

Just over a year ago an entry appeared regarding political weight gains and political weight losses – both actual and future. Among those deemed by the blog to have gained political weight was Andrei Kobolev, head of Naftogaz Ukraine – “Most recently if there are now three individuals that have definitely gained political weight over the […]