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UA seeks AD systems from the US – but which?

Long ago when Valery Chaly was working as a leading light in President Proshenko’s Bankova administration, the blog once stated that he could become a political threat to President Poroshenko and that a move would probably occur. 10th July 2015 unsurprisingly witnessed Mr Chaly moved from the Presidential Administration and become His Excellency the Ambassador […]

Anton Gerashchenko apologises (A precedent?)

It has to be said that the blog is not much of a fan of Anton Gerashchenko. It is not a personal dislike toward him, for there is always a need to separate message from messenger.  The dislike of Mr Gerashchenko comes from not always being able to easily identify just whose message he is […]

Hrytsak – “Moles” (of the espionage variety)

Ukraine watchers will be used to regular statements, some perhaps exaggerated, some perhaps relating to staged events/dubious claims from the SBU – there is a propaganda (and annual and institutional budgetary) war going on after all in which a fairly high profile for a domestic secret service will play a role.  As such Ukraine watchers […]

NABU – A something and nothing statement

It is incumbent upon NABU, like all other agencies in Ukraine, to be as transparent as is practicable. In the case of high profile agencies like NABU it is also wise to keep the public informed as far as investigative integrity and operation circumstances allow. With that there can be little argument. It also should […]

UA MoD/MIC cruising?

On 17th August in the southern-most parts of Odessa Oblast, Olexandr Turchynov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council made claim to successful Ukrainian built cruise missile launches via the NSDC website. Well bravo – though a reader may consider this a minor achievement for a nation that has a long history of missile […]

Accident by design – Odessa City Hall investigations

On 2nd August a car accident, or perhaps more accurately stated a car incident occurred on Svetlaya Street in Odessa involving lawyer and activist Mikhail Kuzakon, and journalist Gregory Kozma.  A Gaz truck rammed the white Toyota they were travelling in head on. The (as yet unidentified) driver of the truck then fled the scene […]

The UA Aero industry takes off?

Following agreements with Turkey over the past few months, it was recently announced that Boeing and Anatov have signed an agreement relating to the supply of parts to circumvent supply-chain issues relating to Russia.  (In particular, for the An-148, An-158, An-178 aircraft, the family of which will be designated An-1X8.) Previously the Swiss AIR-ION Technologies […]