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Activist shot in Odessa and claims Odessa City Hall responsible – Tzar or Boyars?

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov has just gone on holiday for 2 weeks. No sooner had he done so, the following day Odessa activist and political agitator and public figure (People Power party) Oleg Mikhailik was shot the following day. Despite being shot with military rather than traumatic ammunition, fortunately the bullet having past through his […]

State Bureau of Investigations – A false start awaits

It has been quite some time since the truly glacial progression of the State Bureau of Investigation has earned a mention by the blog. Its glacial formation is no surprise – for it is political expediency driving its delivery, hence the sporadic and ad hoc updates thus far. Suffice to say, as long, long predicted, […]

The next big scandal of Odessa City Hall waiting to happen?

Such is the scale and breadth of corruption within Odessa City Hall under Mayor Gennady Trukhanov, it takes circumstances quite special for the next major scam and criminal activity to stand out as either brazen or of significance by way of future implications. When such particular circumstances form, the blog usually tries to identify them […]

The faithful voter – Ukraine

Back in April 2018 an entry appeared relating to the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Kyiv Patriarchy. That entry concluded “That said, it is not often a president puts aside 7 hours for a meeting, the political rhetoric and momentum prima facie appears to be slightly different to the norm associated with presidential rhetoric, so perhaps, just […]


Anatoli Gritsenko is a perennial presidential candidate and leader of the Civil Position party. He is a man trading on a political past of long ago in relation to his last holding office – far enough back in history for his face to remain familiar but his acts and deeds (be they good, bad, or […]

Constitutional Change (EU and NATO)

After travelling for a few days, perhaps a few lines are due relating to President Poroshenko’s proposals delivered to the Verkhovna Rada relating to constitutional change to enshrine NATO and EU membership within the Constitution of Ukraine. There are of course many ways to perceive this decision domestically – considering the transparently expedient timing as […]

GUAT – A gangsters paradise no more?

Readers familiar with the Ukrainian world and acronyms associated with it will probably be aware of GUAM – Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.  Created in June 2001, GUAM set the lofty aims of promoting democratic values, ensuring stable development, enhancing international and regional security and stepping up European integration.  Obviously regardless of any progress made, […]

Crime statistics for August – Odessa

Every now and again the blog visits the crime statistics of either Ukraine or Odessa, depending upon what is published, by who, and when. There are numerous entries relating to how crime statistics are manipulated around the world, and Ukraine is no different.  A brief historical example highlighting a few (and by no means all) […]

Zakharchenko no more

Igor Plotniotsky should be feeling rather relieved right now.  After all, he was removed as “leader” of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” in a “coup” that saw him officially retire due to health issues and disappear into Russia. Alexander Zakharchenko, the “leader” of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” retired from the position on 31st August 2018, the same […]