The UA Aero industry takes off?

Following agreements with Turkey over the past few months, it was recently announced that Boeing and Anatov have signed an agreement relating to the supply of parts to circumvent supply-chain issues relating to Russia.  (In particular, for the An-148, An-158, An-178 aircraft, the family of which will be designated An-1X8.) Previously the Swiss AIR-ION Technologies […]

Dramatic changes ahead for import/export and privatisation within the Ukrainian MIC?

Following the final successful vote on the “On National Security” law of 21st June, among several notable changes in a generally good if not perfect framework law, it became clear that serious changes to the SBU and Ukrainian military industrial complex would occur. Both the SBU and Ukrboronprom in particular will feel the changes brought […]

Getting behind the numbers – Politicians and public tenders

According to Ukrainian anti-corruption NGOs, Ukrainian parliamentarians, their immediate families, or trading entities closely associated to the politicians, won public State tenders for UAH 4.1 billion during 2017. To be clear, the statement in the above link outlines no methodology or sources from whence the claims are drawn.  A reader is left to conclude that […]

Ukraine Now (A rebranding for those who will see it)

The Ukrainian authorities recently decided upon a rebranding to attract FDI (and hopefully SMEs) into Ukraine – or at least to plant the seed of attracting FDI (and hopefully SMEs) into Ukraine via a rebranding. It has to be said the logo is not to bad at all. It also has to be said that […]

An interview about barges – Alexander Urbansky

First and foremost, full disclosure.  The blog knows Alexander Urbansky, the Solidarity/Poroshenko MP involved in this interview about barges, shipbuilding and inland waterways.  The blog does not know Alexander Urbansky particularly well it has to be said.  The blog is more familiar with his brother Anatoli Urbansky, the current Chairman of the Odessa Oblast Rada.  […]

Adoption of Law 6141 (Foreign Financial Intermediaries)

15th May witnessed the Verkhovna Rada pass by 244 votes in favour (well in excess of the minimum 226 required) Bill 6141.  This legislation creates the ability for Foreign Financial Intermediaries to effectively buy securities in Ukraine. Fair enough.  Generally speaking, the more foreign interaction with the Ukrainian economy the better.  Undoubtedly it will bring […]

Containers and Concessions (Chernomorsk Port)

It is widely expected that Hutchinson Ports will build/lease/refurbish a number of terminals at Chernomorsk (Illichovsk to older readers) Port as and when it wins a tender in late May/early June.  The company headquartered in Hong Kong already operates 52 high-tech terminals across 26 nations and is one of the world’s biggest freight/cargo handling companies, […]

A returning nightmare – Mriya (Dream). A conclusion on the horizon?

It is several years since an entry appeared regarding a notorious scam that involved numerous foreign creditors in Ukraine – some with foreign Government issued guarantees (Germany for example).  The company at the centre of the scandal is Mriya, then owned and run by the Guta family, and which seems to have gone into the […]

Odessaoblenergo – A good buy?

On 19th March 2018 the State Property Fund (SPF) seemingly canceled the sale of State shares in Odessaolenergo and Sumyoblenergo. An apparent last minute decision with Odessaolbenergo shares due for sale via the Ukrainian exchange on 20th March, and Sumyoblenergo scheduled to be sold on 30th March. In August 2017 the 25% of Odessaoblenergo and […]

A consistent and disproportionate 2% – Ukraine

Much is said about corruption in Ukraine – and rightly so.  Corruption is a national security issue.  It undermines the effectiveness and capabilities the military and the military industrial complex.  It undermines the economy.  It is pervasive among the political class and the institutions of State.  It ultimately undermines the confidence and standard of life […]