Proving me wrong – Government intervenes in currency

Yesterday I wrote this stating that it was “interesting” Ukraine was attempting to force transparency in the extraction industries – a place from where the oligarchy wealth comes, amongst others. It is interesting because it attempts to force some transparency into what and how much is extracted, and thus will give indications of what is […]

Timing is everything

Just a quick post today as I go through the statements of the EaP gathering in Warsaw yesterday to see if there is anything worthy of special note to write about and post tomorrow. Already it has been stated that there will be increased funding for civil society from the EU.  Funding one supposes is […]

Roads to transparency in Ukraine

Sometimes people say something that make you stop and profoundly reexamine what you do, why you do it and what it means. Yesterday was one of those days.  Quite by chance I met somebody via a mutual acquaintance from Dnipropetrovsk who managed to get themselves stuck with almost 20 metric tons of steel billets when […]

Transparency and benchmarking

Elsewhere in cyberspace during a discussion on the televised court proceedings of Yulia Tymoshenko v State of Ukraine, I gave the view that it at least gave some transparency to the proceedings (despite being something of a circus due to the antics of both prosecution and defence, not withstanding several actions of the defendant herself […]

The opaqueness of transparency. EU and Ukraine

Sometimes life can appear somewhat bizarre. As Ukraine takes slow and stumbling, often misplaced steps towards legal parity with the EU Member States, amongst the myriad of laws that have passed through the RADA and received Presidential signature recently, there have been laws on such matters as data protection and freedom of information. Freedom of […]

EU nations appeal transparency ruling of EU courts….and Ukraine is opaque?

Well here is a difficult situation. A lower EU court has ruled that the Council of Ministers must publish which nations voted in which was during EC decisions.  This was immediately jumped upon by the UK and Greece in efforts to overturn that ruling and now 20 of the 27 member states of the EU […]

Wyoming USA and shady Ukrainian business

Blimey! This is not exactly what you would want to read in the US Government when preaching about transparency in business, money laundering and other nefarious acts around the world. No wonder Ukrainian politicians convicted of money laundering  in the US have interests in Wyoming! “Somalia has slightly higher standards than Wyoming and Nevada.” – […]

Open Public Tenders – Odessa

Well here is a step in the right direction.  It is very rare indeed to see an open public tender, let alone broadcast on the Odessa City website.  In this case a tender for infrastructure in Odessa. Yes I know tenders even submitted like this are open to corruption or nepotism.  There is no perfect […]