The Odessa “decentralised” budget


As yet it remains somewhat unclear just what exactly “decentralisation” will mean in Ukraine.  Just how much current centrally held power – and which powers (and associated responsibilities) – will be devolved to the regional administrations/local government is unclear. Likewise questions remain over fiscal decentralisation – particularly so when the 2015 budget is still open […]

Just blame (and threaten) somebody else – Odessa City Hall


The weather in Odessa recently has been somewhat cool and blustery.  Today for example, it is -13 degrees with a chill wind.  Not, it has to be said, anything particularly unusual for this time of year in Odessa.  Only a few years ago the temperature dropped to -27 degrees and the Black Sea froze.  People […]

A move to visible counter-terrorist policing – Odessa


Over the past week several entries relating to counter-terrorism have appear here.  One somewhat academic (but hopefully interesting), another somewhat more pragmatic.  Needless to say there are other older entries stretching back many, many months to when it became clear that it was inevitable matters would slide into ad hoc terrorist activity across Ukraine, far beyond the […]

Waiting for a change in targeting – Ukraine


Following on from the entry yesterday relating to a Ukrainian slide into “The Troubles”, it is probably necessary to note two further explosions today.  The first in Odessa just after 0430 this morning, resulting in property damage and the death of the bomber, and a second in Kherson at about 1100 this morning, again resulting […]

An update on Odessa Regional Administration

reg admin

On 11th November an entry was published relating to the change of Chairman of the Odessa Regional Administration following the resignation of Alexie Goncharenko who took up a seat in the RADA, and the subsequent vote and hidden shenanigans behind it. “The voting required one candidate to gain 67 votes to be appointed as Chairman – […]

Mind the energy gap – Odessa blackouts

eneergy gap

In creating a priority “to do” list for the Ukrainian political class, its current leadership and legislative chamber, what would be amongst the items topping the list when there is so much to do? Of course the answer to that depends upon how broad in scope any cleverly worded items on the list can be […]

Questionable timing of a little bit of privatisation – Back to Odessa Port Side (& others)


A couple of months ago, this entry appeared relating to the possible privatisation of Odessa Port Side, alleged and disputed debts to Dmitry Firtash’s RGK Trading of $1.39 billion, and the fact that gas was now being supplied by German energy company E.on.  It went on to question the ability to privatise Odessa Port Side with […]

Dead to rights in Odessa


Somewhat late in the day, due to a desire to see where matters would lead, a local corruption issue where the dead are held to ransom, and the guilty are caught dead to rights. Odessa’s notoriously corrupt Mayor, Gennady Truhanov, needless to say, has made numerous appointments of equally notoriously corrupt officials within his administrative […]

Odessa refinery shenanigans


Following on from yesterday’s entry and the successfully prevented appointment of Petr Hlytsov as Chairman of Odessa Regional Administration – and the anti-reform, ex-Regionaire, Klyuyev puppet constituency of the elite within Odessa that backed him – some commentators are rather speculatively see that his opponent, Mikhail Shmushkovitch, falling tantalizingly close to, but not reaching the 67 […]

Odessa politics – Resistance is not necessarily futile


A few days ago, within this entry, the following paragraph appeared: “Locally, the fact the current Odessa Governor Igor Palitsia, and Chairman of the Regional Council Alexiy Goncharenko (both Block Poroshenko) become MPs when the new RADA sits, leaving an organised criminal for a Mayor, and a possible replacement for Goncharenko, his current council Deputy Chairman, […]