A black day. Corruption kills again

Not since the events and entries following 2nd May 2014 has an entry relating to local events been so easy to write, and yet so difficult to to write at the same time. 16th September turned into an unscheduled day of mourning for the city. Three girls aged 8, 9 and 12 died in a […]

Illicit firearms crackdown – Odessa

7th September witnessed a police operation across Odessa led by the Criminal Police Department. “Our main goal is the safety of citizens in the whole country: in the last 24 hours, police officers seized 25 firearms, about two thousand rounds of ammunition and six explosive devices, so we are stepping up our efforts to counter […]

Corruption reconstruction? – Tales from the port

A few days ago an American acquaintance working with the Ministry of Health in Kyiv contacted the blog seeking a recommendation for an import broker at Odessa Port – a container within which a US car will be arriving and the acquaintance did not want to pay over the odds for its import. Quite right. […]

All at sea (and that’s where they’ll stay) – Odessa Yacht Club

At the end of Odessa pier, just beyond the horrendous carbuncle that is Hotel Odessa, sits a small pontoon harbour rented by Odessa Yacht Club 2009 LLC for well over the past decade. Naturally many, many $ millions worth of yachts are berthed there (under the most convenient flags to hide ownership as much as […]

Anti-monopoly Committee takes on Euroterminal? – Odessa

Ever since the private Euroterminal at Odessa Port came into existence in 2011, it has unsurprisingly been the source of many a nefarious scam and scheme – which is to be entirely expected when the usual nefarious criminality is associated with being among the ultimate beneficiaries (Angert, Trukhanov, Yanukovych, then latterly post 2014 Yatseniuk via […]

Odessa Prison – Lessons to be learned?

The prisons of Odessa are locations permanently penned into history. For example, Lustdorf Prison in Odessa held the likes of Lev Bronstein, better known the world over as Leonid Trotsky as a result of his early revolutionary inclinations.  It also held Mishka Yaponchik, better known as Mishka Jap the (in)famous Jewish mafia leader and revolutionary […]

An agrarian anti-raiding task force – Odessa

A reader with a very keen eye will have noticed in a recent post the briefest, but necessary mention of an apparently increasing trend relating to agrarian raiding of small farms. Such raids can manifest in many ways, from fraudulent documents seizing agricultural land from the rightful owners, to the illicit sale of agricultural equipment, the […]

(Another) Pilot Project – Odessa Port

Not much has appeared on the blog regarding Odessa Customs and the ports of Odessa since the resignation of Yulia Marushevskaya and the decampment of the Saakashvili team from Odessa. Suffice to say as Misha Saakashvili was replaced by Maksim Stepanov as Governor, Ms Marushevskaya was also replaced. The current head of Odessa Customs is […]

The Royal Navy in Odessa

The visit of HMS Duncan to Odessa is worthy of a blog entry. It is worthy because it has been well over a decade since the Royal Navy docked in Odessa.  That is happened to be HMS Duncan, the most recent addition to the Royal Navy (baring the next aircraft carrier yet to enter service) […]

Tender talk – Odessa

After several attempts at a tender to repair/rebuild Pier 7 at Odessa Seaport the Ministry of  Infrastructure has eventually announced a tender winner.  GT Project Ukraine Ltd was successful with a bid of UAH 787,557,000 – a project that will be overseen by the Ukrainian Seaports Authority (an issue to which this entry will return.) […]