In the crosshairs – Odessa


There has been much speculation, rumour and conjecture within the media and amongst academic/think tank circles as to the extent of the Kremlin appetite with regard to Ukraine – naturally.  What is happening now on the continent of Europe has become very much a rarity thankfully – and yet not extinct unfortunately. That speculation has […]

Odessa Mayor elections – very strange!

city hall

Yes dear readers I know there are matters of urgent national importance unraveling on a minute by minute basis in Ukraine at the moment – but – today is one of those few Odessa-centric entries.  A return to matters national tomorrow. You may remember early this month I wrote an entry about the strength – or […]

Assessing the strength of Party Regions – Odessa


Today’s entry is late – and deliberately so.  I have been awaiting the results of an attempted political coup to remove the Party Regions Secretary of the Odessa City Council, Oleg Bryndaka. In fact, late into the evening yesterday I was with interested parties and on-lookers alike discussing the possibilities of this political move coming […]

“Prime Minister” of Crimea appeals to Odessa to secede Ukraine


Well here is an interesting appeal. The Prime Minister (perhaps) of Crimea, making an appeal to the people of Odessa to overthrow the politicians, demand a referendum and secede from Ukraine. I’m not quite sure how much traction he thinks his appeal is going to get, but I suspect he is going to be […]

Protests Odessa – The biggest so far


It has been quite some time since I wrote about the protests in Odessa despite attending and observing them most Sundays. They have been, it has to be said, quite small if perfectly formed, a-political as far as party flags and banners are concerned, and stoically attended by what has become a fairly familiar few […]

Something local – Arcadia redevelopment, Odessa


Elsewhere in cyberspace some months ago, I noted that the famous/infamous Ibiza nightclub in Arcadia was being demolished – and presumably rebuilt. Since then, the main thoroughfare has also been completely ripped up and many of the small stores that lined the route demolished too. What was this is currently this Blimey!  Summer tourist/beach life […]

Framing the fight going forward – Belarus or Poland, take your pick!


Yesterday, following the announcements of the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine, regarding the deals announced and the lack of detail therein (and detail being the abode of every devil) – I wrote this explaining the reasons why despite buying time for both Presidents, they may very well find that what was announced will gather very […]

The Markov fallout -A changing of the local government executive – Odessa, Ukraine


Only one week ago I wrote this relating to the unexpected departure of the then Odessa Mayor Oleksiy Kostusev.  His departure and the surrounding circumstances I opined were connected to the actions of defrocked, pro-Russia RADA MP Igor Markov, subsequently arrested in what is clearly yet another case of political persecution. In that post – and […]

Odessa Mayor resigns unexpectedly – Pushed, but by who and why?


Party of Regions Mayor of Odessa, Oleksiy Kostusev, has resigned today – somewhat unexpectedly. Unfortunately the reasons will not be his colossal ineptitude and willful blindness to blatant corruption within his administration, a mammoth appetite for form over substance or an unbelievable inability to run the city. Thus far the reasons for his resignation are […]

Lest we forget – Anniversary of the Odessa Massacres


Living in Odessa , it is perhaps necessary for me to take a pause and ignore the current politics of the day, for a fleeting moment and look to local history. This week marked the 72 anniversary of the 1941 Odessa massacres. These massacres carried out predominantly  by the Romanian army on the orders of […]

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