The first of many “wrongful dismissal” verdicts?


In October last year, an entry was published questioning the long term consequences that lay await after the “Lustration Law” – “The issue with “OK” legislation for a subject as serious as lustration, is that ultimately European Court of Human Rights appeals may very well result – with rulings granting compensation and strong suggestions of […]

Local governance, energy efficiency, turf wars and “stuff”


Prior to the presidential elections in May 2014, as is always the case with any Ukrainian election, numerous approaches are made to this blog by election monitors, diplomats, journalists and NGOs, to meet and “have a chat” about what’s happening, who’s doing what, why and how, predictions, ramifications, and “stuff”. Indeed any election campaign involving […]

May 2nd Memorial


A very short entry, first as Nikolai very qualified to comment more extensively but is not here and while here, I’m not qualified. At least forty-eight people died in Odessa on this day last year. It begins with activists on both sides of the political divide itching for a fight and local police letting it […]

OdessaTalk – Of Patrons and Saints


“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.“ – Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents – 1770   Nikolai Holmov, Grand Master of the Expat Illuminati in Ukraine, is on vacation. He will be contributing from abroad […]

A price on your head – Odessa


Within this entry relating to the SBU rolling up terrorist entities in Odessa a few days ago, lies these paragraphs: “Rumour from within the SBU mill, is that amongst those of this organisation arrested, were two individuals that had been designated as assassins. Indeed there is/was a “hit list” of 4 names of public figures […]

Terrorist replacements – Odessa


Following along from an entry a few days ago which briefly outlined the SBU rolling up several terrorist entities/cells in Odessa (not withstanding the dim view they took over the separatist notions inferred by the People’s Council of Bessarabia), the entry ended with the following question: “Undoubtedly a busy and difficult summer ahead for the […]

Odessa SBU continue rolling up terrorist groups – Timing?


Regular reader of this blog will probably vaguely remember ad hoc, but nonetheless numerous links to SBU arrests of terrorists over the past few months in Odessa.  Some in the city centre, others at Malinovsky Market etc – but a clear effort being made from December 2014 onward can be seen. Most recently, as mentioned […]

The next Potemkin political manifestation – Odessa


A few days ago, the following tweet was tweeted: 8 people were arrested on #Odessa last night for unveiling a large banner of the “People’s Council of Bessarabia” (part of today’s Moldova) — Nikolai Holmov (@OdessaBlogger) April 3, 2015 For those unaware, a very brief and superficial history of Bessarabia follows: It was born of […]

The 3rd Rapoport Wave (or perhaps ripple) washes up in Odessa?


As many regular readers will be aware, this blog tends to stay away from “war reporting” upon events in eastern Ukraine, or the associated issues of terrorism and counter-terrorism – most of the time. However, during December last year, this somewhat academically orientated entry relating to terrorism/counter-terrorism was published – and it is resuscitated now […]

All over to Avakov and the MIA? – Law & (dis)Order, Odessa


In an interesting day for Odessa relating to law and order – and its enforcement – two developments of note have occurred. The first development is the removal of the security structures in place in Odessa since 6th May 2014 by order of President Poroshenko. From 6th May 2014 until yesterday, the local militsia/police were […]