Putting political bums on seats of local power – Odessa (A told you so tale)

A few weeks ago an entry was published detailing the likely political shenanigans and maneuvering in post-local election environment of Odessa. With regard to the probably outcomes – shenanigans, grubby deals and politicking being fairly predictable – it stated the following:  “Clearly Governor Saakashvili would want to see Maria Gaidar installed as Olbast Rada Chair. She […]

A strange week – a bit of policy and early elections

It has been a strange week for the author of this blog.  So unusually there will be a small mention of those personal events which will then lead to a bit of policy – as both are actually connected, albeit tenuously. Firstly, “those people” behind two MPs (national not local administration) have sought council (such […]

Electoral tales from the underworld – Odessa

Normally telling uncorroborated tales is not something that sits particularly comfortably with this blog.  However there is an uncorroborated but interesting tale being told quite openly amongst the hierarchy in certain nefarious circles.  The names have not been changed to protect the innocent (or perhaps guilty) in this tale, though due warning is given regarding […]

The Council of Europe publishes its report – 2nd May Odessa

The Council of Europe has eventually, a few weeks later than expected, delivered its report into the events surrounding and following the tragic events that occurred in Odessa on 2nd May last year. There will be some that take issue with some of the findings – there always are.  There will be some that simply […]

Hot seats, list bumping and legacies – Odessa

Following on from yesterday’s entry and the power dynamics within the politics of Odessa following the local elections, the question of who takes what “power roles” arises. The real power plays will not be who takes what role, but the voting dynamics behind them being appointed. The second most powerful position in City Hall after that […]

A week later and no election result – Odessa (& Ukraine)

Voting in the local elections across Ukraine occurred exactly one week ago – yet the results are not officially in. Today the OSCE Long Term Observers left Odessa heading to Kyiv and then onwards to observe 2nd Round voting on the 15th November where “run offs” for mayors will occur.  Clearly that they have left […]

Dismantling the Kolomoisky political and the rise of “Team Saakashvili”?

There are times when perspective, and therefore who frames issues first, colour public perceptions in hues that mask the picture. The Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) have hit the headlines in Ukraine after the arrest of Gennady Korban, party leader of Ihor Kolomoisky’s Ukrop Party and a man long associated with criminal gangs. Mr Korban […]

That “decentralisation” multilevel governance thing

There has been much mention of governance “decentralisation” with regard to Ukraine – often with a nod to Kremlin designs to enforce “federalisation” upon the nation, which simply won’t happen as those in the Kremlin may have initially hoped – officially or otherwise. Yet “decentralisation” is quite necessary for Ukraine.  It is an understatement to […]

KGB tales – or KGB entrails? (What about the rule of law?)

Known for his well established ties to and within organised crime, incumbent Mayor Gennady Trukhanov is being reelected to the role – perhaps/probably/maybe he already has been.  The jury, if there was one in Ukraine (despite the Constitution providing for juries) remains out. Indeed Mayor Trukhanov is on public record relating to his relationship with […]

“Political Voluntarism” – Odessa

With the local elections but 2 days away in Ukraine, it is perhaps worthy of a few lines to examine the “political voluntarism” that exists in the city and oblast today.  That of the party activists vis a vis the voluntarism of those that have answered a call to what is undoubtedly to many minds, […]