Mind the energy gap – Odessa blackouts

eneergy gap

In creating a priority “to do” list for the Ukrainian political class, its current leadership and legislative chamber, what would be amongst the items topping the list when there is so much to do? Of course the answer to that depends upon how broad in scope any cleverly worded items on the list can be […]

Questionable timing of a little bit of privatisation – Back to Odessa Port Side (& others)


A couple of months ago, this entry appeared relating to the possible privatisation of Odessa Port Side, alleged and disputed debts to Dmitry Firtash’s RGK Trading of $1.39 billion, and the fact that gas was now being supplied by German energy company E.on.  It went on to question the ability to privatise Odessa Port Side with […]

Dead to rights in Odessa


Somewhat late in the day, due to a desire to see where matters would lead, a local corruption issue where the dead are held to ransom, and the guilty are caught dead to rights. Odessa’s notoriously corrupt Mayor, Gennady Truhanov, needless to say, has made numerous appointments of equally notoriously corrupt officials within his administrative […]

Odessa refinery shenanigans


Following on from yesterday’s entry and the successfully prevented appointment of Petr Hlytsov as Chairman of Odessa Regional Administration – and the anti-reform, ex-Regionaire, Klyuyev puppet constituency of the elite within Odessa that backed him – some commentators are rather speculatively see that his opponent, Mikhail Shmushkovitch, falling tantalizingly close to, but not reaching the 67 […]

Odessa politics – Resistance is not necessarily futile


A few days ago, within this entry, the following paragraph appeared: “Locally, the fact the current Odessa Governor Igor Palitsia, and Chairman of the Regional Council Alexiy Goncharenko (both Block Poroshenko) become MPs when the new RADA sits, leaving an organised criminal for a Mayor, and a possible replacement for Goncharenko, his current council Deputy Chairman, […]

Leaving the club – or several actually (Odessa)


As regular readers will have noted, the blog has recently become rather “Odessa-centric” – for good reason.  There are those that read this blog in Kyiv, Brussels and several capitals specifically to get a “feel” for what is going on in Odessa at certain times – particularly at times of unexpected incident, elections or “interesting […]

A brief Post Mortem – Odessa


As election results start to be declared, there will be those who may be somewhat surprised by some results from certain regions of Ukraine – we can look to Kharkiv and Odessa for some that may, prima facie, make us ponder. As it seems Kharkiv has returned 13 ex-Regionaires from 14 single mandate seats, and 8 […]

Whilst counting continues – Odessa projections


Although counting continues and official winners are yet to be named, the expected outcomes of the elections as far as Odessa is concerned seems likely to produce the following results: District 133 (Kiev district of Odessa) – Edward Matviichuk District 134 (Malinovsky district of Odessa)  – Gennady Chekita District 135 District (Primorsky district of Odessa) […]

Whilst in a state of purdah – security for polling day


Whilst Ukraine enters a state of purdah, and all electioneering has thus ended, in keeping with the spirit of an official and lawfully required end to campaigning, there will be no mention of the election – as far as voting, outcomes, infringements and speculative coalitions are concerned. However, related in the current circumstances is the […]

Odessa Port Side – Dmitry Firtash


Odessa Port Side is a State owned entity of arguably some strategic value – which is why despite being rumoured to be on the privitisation lists of various Ukrainian governments over the years, it has after deliberation, never actually been sold – at least it has never been sold as far as anybody knows, and […]