OdessaTalk – Of Patrons and Saints


“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.“ – Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents – 1770   Nikolai Holmov, Grand Master of the Expat Illuminati in Ukraine, is on vacation. He will be contributing from abroad […]

Odessa SBU continue rolling up terrorist groups – Timing?


Regular reader of this blog will probably vaguely remember ad hoc, but nonetheless numerous links to SBU arrests of terrorists over the past few months in Odessa.  Some in the city centre, others at Malinovsky Market etc – but a clear effort being made from December 2014 onward can be seen. Most recently, as mentioned […]

The next Potemkin political manifestation – Odessa


A few days ago, the following tweet was tweeted: 8 people were arrested on #Odessa last night for unveiling a large banner of the “People’s Council of Bessarabia” (part of today’s Moldova) — Nikolai Holmov (@OdessaBlogger) April 3, 2015 For those unaware, a very brief and superficial history of Bessarabia follows: It was born of […]

The 3rd Rapoport Wave (or perhaps ripple) washes up in Odessa?


As many regular readers will be aware, this blog tends to stay away from “war reporting” upon events in eastern Ukraine, or the associated issues of terrorism and counter-terrorism – most of the time. However, during December last year, this somewhat academically orientated entry relating to terrorism/counter-terrorism was published – and it is resuscitated now […]

All over to Avakov and the MIA? – Law & (dis)Order, Odessa


In an interesting day for Odessa relating to law and order – and its enforcement – two developments of note have occurred. The first development is the removal of the security structures in place in Odessa since 6th May 2014 by order of President Poroshenko. From 6th May 2014 until yesterday, the local militsia/police were […]

Inclusive or exclusive innovation (or is it invigoration) – Odessa/Ukraine


Now and again, this blog is asked to contribute to discussions, either directly or indirectly (arming others that are going into a debate/conference) with a thought or two.  Such requests occur far more regularly at a local level, but occasionally at a national level too.  After all, nobody has the monopoly on good ideas, and […]

Some US FDI – Odessa


Having not written about anything local for a while, it is perhaps time to write about something positive occurring for Ukraine, and in particular Odessa. For those who are not acquainted with Odessa, it is home to three large ports.  Odessa, Yushni and Ilyichevsk. Ilyichevsk is approximately 50 square kilometers of port-side and container terminal […]

The Odessa “decentralised” budget


As yet it remains somewhat unclear just what exactly “decentralisation” will mean in Ukraine.  Just how much current centrally held power – and which powers (and associated responsibilities) – will be devolved to the regional administrations/local government is unclear. Likewise questions remain over fiscal decentralisation – particularly so when the 2015 budget is still open […]

Just blame (and threaten) somebody else – Odessa City Hall


The weather in Odessa recently has been somewhat cool and blustery.  Today for example, it is -13 degrees with a chill wind.  Not, it has to be said, anything particularly unusual for this time of year in Odessa.  Only a few years ago the temperature dropped to -27 degrees and the Black Sea froze.  People […]

A move to visible counter-terrorist policing – Odessa


Over the past week several entries relating to counter-terrorism have appear here.  One somewhat academic (but hopefully interesting), another somewhat more pragmatic.  Needless to say there are other older entries stretching back many, many months to when it became clear that it was inevitable matters would slide into ad hoc terrorist activity across Ukraine, far beyond the […]