Tender talk – Odessa

After several attempts at a tender to repair/rebuild Pier 7 at Odessa Seaport the Ministry of  Infrastructure has eventually announced a tender winner.  GT Project Ukraine Ltd was successful with a bid of UAH 787,557,000 – a project that will be overseen by the Ukrainian Seaports Authority (an issue to which this entry will return.) […]

Oppo Block Odessa finally splits

Several times during 2017 the blog has predicted the splitting/destruction of the Oppo Block (remnants of/inheritors to the Party Regions) in Odessa. The most recent mention of internal discord was made only two weeks ago, placing the blame squarely upon the incredibly poor and self-serving regional leadership of Mykola Skoryk – a man who’s ego […]

“Winter” is coming (and got arrested for trying to recruit SBU officers)

That Russian infiltration remains within the political class and institutions of the Ukrainian State is no secret.  Indeed Ukraine as a State is perhaps better working on the assumption that it has no secrets. Whether Russian infiltration has increased over the past few years, remained constant, or has diminished, is far more difficult to asses […]

The re-militarisation of Artsyz airfield (Odessa)

1998 saw the military finally leave the former Soviet airbase of Artsyz, western Odessa. The 840 hectare site, once known as the 206th Airbase was home to the 737 Fighter Wing, and in Soviet times was also the airbase for a military transport squadron.  It was also a reserve space shuttle site.   Popular folklore […]

Another coup in Odessa Oblast Administration? (Skoryk fails again)

Over the years Mykola Skoryk has featured many times within blog entries. Of the former Party of Regions Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian, former Odessa Governor, and current Oppo Block Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian, not a single favourable word can be found. That is for good reason. It is not that Mykola Skoryk is a creature of Dmitry […]

Redefining Community Policing? – Bessarabia

It is more than two years since the Potemkin emergence of a “separatist Bessarabia” was first mentioned by the blog. After a few arrests, some of those detained later being involved/incorporated within “prisoner swaps” relating to the occupied Donbas, and Russia funded separatism (perhaps temporarily) falling down the active measures and reactive control agenda in […]

Shuffling behind the Bessarabian curtain?

Igor Kononenko.  That is a name that featured regularly in blog entries until January. The last entry mentioning him related to his entering into battle, and apparently emerging victorious, with Alexander “Angel” Angert (Odessa’s Don of Dons) over the future ownership of Odessa CHP plant. Subsequent to that apparent December 2016 victory over Mr Angert, […]

Avoiding awkward and unpredictable public auctions – Odessa

Odessa City Hall owns a lot of historical buildings in the city centre. Criminally orientated local city governments past have however managed to refrain from blatantly flogging off these historic buildings via opaque methods on a large scale. No longer. The current Odessa City Hall governance, under the leadership (or perhaps management) of Mayor Trukhanov, […]

Lutsenko names the next MPs to face immunity stripping votes

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko has named the next 3 Verkhovna Rada MPs that he will seek, via Verkhovna Rada vote, to remove immunity from and thereafter prosecute. They are Gennady Bobov (Art. 212, 366 para 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), Evgene Deyde (aka Dade) (Art. 368 para 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine […]

Even angels meet their maker – eventually

Recently several entries have appeared relating to Odessa’s Don of Dons Alexander (Angel) Angert – the most recent dealing with his ill health and the ramifications be they political for Mayor Trukhanov, regarding Angel’s sprawling business empire, and of course the reverberations within organised criminality. Assets such as Privoz market, Odessagaz, Sintez Oil legacies, ROST/Growth […]