Azov – and now what?

Following on from the last entry and the events occurring in the Sea of Avoz, reader may be pondering why the blog has not written anything more – until now. As the previous entry stated, “Everybody also knows that there should be a response as The Kremlin pokes to see if it is yet to […]

Turning the Sea of Azov into a pond

To the surprise of nobody precisely nobody the long forecast (many months) and high probably events around the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait have finally taken on a manifestation that cannot be ignored. Previous incidents, while duly noted and raising a collective “tut” along with rightful Ukrainian ire, have culminated in little more […]


One of those entries every year when there is no need, and indeed it is perhaps better, to write nothing and allow the atmosphere of a photograph, the scale and gravity of the event to chill your very soul.

Not always what they seem

“Attacks on journalists, as well as any manifestations of intolerance and violence, are considered unacceptable. We are waiting for the results of the investigation by law enforcement agencies.”  So decrees the latest public statement by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry following yet further attacks upon journalists, civil society and minority groups and individual activists.  The latest […]

Schisms within Oppo Block (again) – VR election positioning begins

It is oft remarked upon as to why so many “also rans” take part in the presidential elections. Why do so many candidates spend so much time and money running for an office that 99% will never attain as they simply do not have the support necessary to win and never will? It cannot be […]

RIP Kateryna Handziuk

The blog is not noted for its obituaries, nor for its eulogies. 2018 has seen the loss of far too many brave Ukrainian souls in the east, and witnessed the passing of numerous cultural and intellectual giants. Few if any such worthy individuals have had words specifically written about them here, nor about the manner […]

Let the regional SBU leadership changes begin?

Changes to the parameters surrounding the scope of the SBU have long been advocated by the blog.  There is no need for the SBU to be so actively involved in what otherwise would be classed as normal policing.  Unless directly related to national security, there is no need for SBU involvement in financial crime other […]

“Persistent hierarchical association” – A euphemism for “organised crime”

Currently underway in Odessa is criminal case 420170000000001712 relating to over UAH 4 billion in tax avoidance and money laundering – with money laundering being given the euphemism of “legalising funds obtained by criminal means”. Roughly translated it states charge reads “Unidentified persons created a persistent hierarchical association of several persons (5 or more) whose […]

A new home for the SVR (or a barracks for an SVR Cyber Troop)?

Almost a year ago an entry was published pondering the much rumoured creation of a “Cyber Troop” within the SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service) of Ukraine. As the outward operating SVR, perhaps somewhat gratefully, gets little media spotlight compared to the inward focused SBU, when there is occasion to mention it, then the opportunity is usually […]

The resurrection of the late and lamented Dmitry Malinovsky

The late and lamented Dmitry Malinovsky has been resurrected – or more accurately found living in a castle he had bought in Dijon, France – together with a classic Rolls Royce and a few Salvador Dali paintings. He was promptly arrested during a joint Europol, Franco-Ukrainian investigation.  Ukraine has already requested his extradition. Mr Malinovsky […]