The resurrection of the late and lamented Dmitry Malinovsky

The late and lamented Dmitry Malinovsky has been resurrected – or more accurately found living in a castle he had bought in Dijon, France – together with a classic Rolls Royce and a few Salvador Dali paintings. He was promptly arrested during a joint Europol, Franco-Ukrainian investigation.  Ukraine has already requested his extradition. Mr Malinovsky […]

A play within a play (or diplomatic gamesmanship) NATO-Ukraine & the SBU

It’s been a while since there was a public exhibition of diplomatic gamesmanship between the current Ukrainian leadership and the more solid of Ukraine’s external supporters. Another play within a play – such as those within The Bard’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Hamlet, or Love’s Labours Lost. The current issue of contention is the rehashing […]

Citizenship – Passports to the EU and beyond

After some consideration, the blog has decided to comment upon the sensitive issue of citizenship – for there are tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens with dual (and often more) citizenship despite what the Constitution of Ukraine may state. “Article 4.  There is unique citizenship in Ukraine.  The grounds for acquisition and stopping of citizenship […]

The faithful voter – Ukraine

Back in April 2018 an entry appeared relating to the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Kyiv Patriarchy. That entry concluded “That said, it is not often a president puts aside 7 hours for a meeting, the political rhetoric and momentum prima facie appears to be slightly different to the norm associated with presidential rhetoric, so perhaps, just […]

Constitutional Change (EU and NATO)

After travelling for a few days, perhaps a few lines are due relating to President Poroshenko’s proposals delivered to the Verkhovna Rada relating to constitutional change to enshrine NATO and EU membership within the Constitution of Ukraine. There are of course many ways to perceive this decision domestically – considering the transparently expedient timing as […]

GUAT – A gangsters paradise no more?

Readers familiar with the Ukrainian world and acronyms associated with it will probably be aware of GUAM – Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.  Created in June 2001, GUAM set the lofty aims of promoting democratic values, ensuring stable development, enhancing international and regional security and stepping up European integration.  Obviously regardless of any progress made, […]

Zakharchenko no more

Igor Plotniotsky should be feeling rather relieved right now.  After all, he was removed as “leader” of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” in a “coup” that saw him officially retire due to health issues and disappear into Russia. Alexander Zakharchenko, the “leader” of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” retired from the position on 31st August 2018, the same […]

UA seeks AD systems from the US – but which?

Long ago when Valery Chaly was working as a leading light in President Proshenko’s Bankova administration, the blog once stated that he could become a political threat to President Poroshenko and that a move would probably occur. 10th July 2015 unsurprisingly witnessed Mr Chaly moved from the Presidential Administration and become His Excellency the Ambassador […]

Hrytsak – “Moles” (of the espionage variety)

Ukraine watchers will be used to regular statements, some perhaps exaggerated, some perhaps relating to staged events/dubious claims from the SBU – there is a propaganda (and annual and institutional budgetary) war going on after all in which a fairly high profile for a domestic secret service will play a role.  As such Ukraine watchers […]

The UA Aero industry takes off?

Following agreements with Turkey over the past few months, it was recently announced that Boeing and Anatov have signed an agreement relating to the supply of parts to circumvent supply-chain issues relating to Russia.  (In particular, for the An-148, An-158, An-178 aircraft, the family of which will be designated An-1X8.) Previously the Swiss AIR-ION Technologies […]