A suspicious haste? Draft Law 6688 (and the Ukrainian Internet)

Almost exactly one year ago, Draft Bill 6688 was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. It gained the immediate ire of media, sections of civil society, and perhaps most notably the then Ombudsman for Human Rights in Ukraine, Valerie Lutskovska (who was a pretty good HR Ombudsman). Recently another attempt to get this Draft Law onto […]

Ukrainian “Cyber Threat Response Centre” opens

In late November and again in early December 2017, entries appeared relating the imaginatively titled framework law for Ukrainian cyber security and defence – “About the basic principles of providing cyber security for Ukraine“. For once a thoroughly decent framework law – perhaps to be undone or warped by subordinate statute and Resolutions or not.  […]

Ukrainian cyber security/defence – Structure and process challenges ahead

A few days ago an entry appeared relating to the signing of the framework law for Ukrainian cyber security and defence – The imaginatively titled “About the basic principles of providing cyber security for Ukraine“. That particular entry highlighted the number of agencies and institutions with clear legislative responsibilities, and also a new State Owned […]

Cyber security/cyber defence Ukraine – Structural changes ahead

It is no secret that Ukraine, over the past 5 years in particular, has become something of a petri dish for the testing and/or implementation of cyber incidents by hostile actors. That is not to say every such cyber incident is the direct or indirect action of the same particular hostile actor.  While many can […]

East Stratcom Task Force and the EUvsDisinfo Budget – Too much or too little?

In late March 2015, the EEAS created the East Stratcom Task Force in response to the tsunami of Russian disinformation flooding the western media space (both MSM and social). As a recent entry makes clear there is indeed a need for a response – even if knocking the stuffing out of obvious flapdoodle is only […]

Today’s Information Warfare through old eyes

There are perhaps advantages and disadvantages that come with age. Your author is on the wrong side of fifty.  When last working in Germany the Berlin Wall was still standing.  When working in Northern Ireland, there was no peace process.  When working in organised crime, there was an entirely different alphabet soup labeling national policing […]

A very messy infospace

The blog has thus far refrained from mentioning the “infowar”, “info-warriors” and the competitive “infospace” that we all, to some degree or another, are subjected too.  It is perhaps wiser to state “subjected to” rather than “victims of” – for the “who” and “how many victims” there are, and possibly will forever be, difficult to […]

A few days off

Dear readers, Due to a requirement for the computer to have open circuit surgery and  replace a C Drive, in combination with a gathering of an erudite conclave in Poland which your author is attending, the blog will return on Monday. Now to try and remember all those passwords!  

Щасливого Нового Pоку – С Hовым Годом – Happy New Year 2017

A few wishes and words of thanks as 2016 draws to an end. Firstly to all the readers, a humble thank you for spending a few moments to read the prose and ramblings as you do in such numbers.  Your interest in Ukraine and Odessa is very welcome, even if what you read here is […]

SBU claims Ukrainian State IT systems received 247 cyber attacks in 2016

According to the SBU, Ukrainian State information systems were subjected to 247 cyber attacks during 2016 (which is 2 weeks from ending at the time of writing – so there will be more before the year is through).  As a result 64 criminal proceedings are apparently under way – “proceedings” however is not defined as […]