The Odessa Review

It is perhaps time to highlight The Odessa Review, a recently launched English language monthly journal with two well received editions under its belt in the city (and more widely across Ukraine). The very high quality printed versions of both editions thus far, (Edition 3 appears soon) can be found decorating many hotel lobbies and […]

The road to Romania (The Odessa Oblast presentation)

Having mentioned recently (again) the necessity of maximising the relationship between Romania and Ukraine, the 25th April saw the Oblast Administration release estimates for a new 4 lane road from Odessa to Reni – and beyond into Romania, entering at the Orlovka-Isakchea border point. There are 3 phases to the construction of this road. Phase […]

Something local – Arcadia redevelopment, Odessa

Elsewhere in cyberspace some months ago, I noted that the famous/infamous Ibiza nightclub in Arcadia was being demolished – and presumably rebuilt. Since then, the main thoroughfare has also been completely ripped up and many of the small stores that lined the route demolished too. What was this is currently this Blimey!  Summer tourist/beach life […]

Framing the fight going forward – Belarus or Poland, take your pick!

Yesterday, following the announcements of the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine, regarding the deals announced and the lack of detail therein (and detail being the abode of every devil) – I wrote this explaining the reasons why despite buying time for both Presidents, they may very well find that what was announced will gather very […]

Odessa International Jazz Festival 19 – 22 September

Away from the world of Ukrainian politics and policy – briefly at least – I will draw your attention to the annual Odessa International Jazz Festival that takes place next week over a four day period. Amongst this years performers are  Yuri Kuznetsov Honored Artist of Ukraine (Ukraine), Anatoly Vapirov (Bulgaria ), Anatoly Vapirov (a […]

219th birthday celebrations – Odessa itinerary

For those readers likely to be in Odessa between 30th August and 3rd September, you will be present as the city celebrates its 219th “official” birthday – it is far older. Anyway, the itinerary for those few days is as follows: It includes rock fest, art & flowers exhibitions, music concerts, gala concert etc. Traditional […]

And now for something completely different – Odessa Draw Art Exhibition

Yes, I know – this entry is a long way away from my usual themes – however, it caught my eye. Between 23 – 25 August Odessa will be hosting an exhibition of artworks by the world’s best vector artists – OdessaDraw. Artists from the US, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Peru, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and […]

Odessa International Film Festival 2013

For those who thought yesterday’s post somewhat rushed – it was – as I said. Why? – I had other places to be, namely the opening of this year’s Odessa International Film Festival as organised by Mrs Tigipko and team.  And organised very well I should add! Tomorrow, perhaps something more thoughtful – and yes […]

Tea – A Course in Culture: A Review of The Tea House Times

A man who wishes to make his way in life could do no better than go through the world with a boiling tea-kettle in his hand. – Syndey Smith Next to water, tea is the most common beverage in the world.  Beer comes in third, coffee a distant fourth, with the top five rounded out […]

Regional Development Funding – Ukraine

This entry was inspired by a UK MEP named Arlene McCarthy who represents the north-west of England in the European Parliament – although what she said has nothing to do with Ukraine – directly. Indirectly, her words undoubtedly fit Ukraine – as well as many other EU nations and nations that receive EU regional funds. […]