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A new session - new laws

Apologies for my absense. It is fair to say, should you read the previous post you may be somewhat understanding as to the reasons why even if you are not overly sympathetic. I did have a far more thought provoking post for today relating to Ukrainian NGOs (and foreign NGOs in Ukraine) however I had [...]

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Radical changes to the Ukrainian Visa system - 10th September 2011

Well I have been tempted not to post this until a better picture of how the rather radical changes to the Visa rules appears.  However, posting this now will at least allow for preparation time for what is likely to be a system that will work itself out as it goes along until there is [...]

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Temporary Residence Permits/IM1 Visa changes - Interpol

Well, in a statement attributed to PwC by the BBCU who are very careful about to whom they attribute quotes, quite rightly, we have this relating to Temporary Residence Permits/IM1 Visas:   The Ukrainian immigration authorities have implemented compulsory Interpol checks within the procedure of issuing temporary residence permits (TRP). This increases the duration of [...]

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