EU/Ukraine Association Agreement


I was pondering a blog entry on how the EU will deal with the next Ukrainian political term given the less than ideal way it was run and eventually concluded. The answer it seems has been given before I thought too deeply about strategies, causal effects, lines of communications both overt and subtle and to […]

EU/Ukraine Association Agreement


I am not really in the mood for writing much today - and it’s Sunday! But as it is Sunday, here is the entire EU-Ukraine-Association-Agreement-ENG, all 906 pages of it, for your weekend reading. Lots of interesting content in that and obviously a framework for those nations yet to enter into such negotiations to be […]

Pouring oil on troubled waters - EU Ambassador to Ukraine


The new head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, (Ambassador for want of a better analogy), Jan Tombinski, seems to be doing his very best to pour oil on the somewhat choppy waters between Ukraine and the EU in efforts to smooth matters between the two sides to some degree. He recently gave a press […]

Immediate benefits? Ukraine and CIS FTA ratification


Regular readers of this blog will recall a post I wrote not so long ago relating to the Russian led Customs Union and the Vietnamese accession talks due to begin as early as September this year. Well, a week or so ago, Ukraine did indeed ratify a free trade agreement with the Customs Union. As […]

Customs Union expansion with Vietnam - Will it make it more attractive to Ukraine than the EU?


I have written very often about the DCFTA (and attached AA) agreements that are now agreed between the EU and Ukraine, even if not signed and ratified for the foreseeable future.  Far less frequently have I written about the Russian led Customs Union. This is because, thus far, despite the offer of a $9 billion […]

What is Yanukovych doing? Bizarre!

There are times in this blog where government policy and action are recognised as being good, there are times in this blog where government policy and action are recognised as being bad, both are usually accompanied by a recognition of completely and utterly ineffective implementation making no real changes despite what it says on paper. […]

IMF Pressure on Ukraine

It’s been a long time since I mentioned the IMF and Ukraine.  Basically because it is has been a long time since the IMF lent any money to Ukraine.  More than 12 months in fact. The reason being Ukraine’s reluctance to put up gas prices again for domestic and commercial users.  Now, you can understand […]

Welcoming in 2012 - What to look forward to in Ukraine

Well, happy New Year to you all. Welcome to 2012 and I hope it will be a year that brings you all good health and happiness. What has 2012 got install for Ukraine in 2012? Well to quote Donald Rumsfeld, “We know there are known knowns: there are things we know we know. We also […]

EU/Ukraine summit - A day of no surprises

On the evening of the EU/Ukraine summit which has been consistently billed with more expectations than were ever possible since events relating to Ms Tymoshenko charged the dynamics of the EU/Ukrainian relationship, I was not in the slightest bit keen to discover the outcome in a timely way. In fact I went out to dinner […]

Guilty - 7 years - But what next?

Well, former Prime Minister Tymoshenko was found guilty of misuse of office and coercing Naftogaz Ukraine into signing a deal that was not in Ukraine’s interests, at least not long term interests.  She was sentenced to 7 years. At the time of signing what was certainly not a fantastic deal, circumstances may have appeared that […]