Invest in Odessa - new city website

invest in odessa

Well, well, well! No - not three holes in the ground filled with water, but rather a sarcastic acknowledgement that Odessa City Hall has finally got around to creating a new website - Invest in Odessa. I deliberately use the word “finally”, as way back in autumn 2007 when I first met Mikhail Freidlin, he was […]

Ukraine sows whilst China reaps?


Ukraine sows and China reaps?  Not yet, but very soon. Last year I mentioned China’s expansion into Ukraine several times.  In fact I wrote a rather link heavy post called China Watch at the end of last year that listed just a few Chinese expansions across almost every serious political and trade sphere in Ukraine. A few […]

Ukraine - State to keep a stake in new LNG terminal


As you will know, back in 2010 I mentioned the real possibility of a LNG terminal being built on the Black Sea.  I then put my money on a place called Yushni in Odessa. I revisited the issue in April 2012 as matter progressed somewhat with the upstream planning, my money still firmly on Yushni […]

EBRD invests in Ukrainian wind

Although you won’t remember, in March 2011, I told you about Ukraine’s first wind farm.  Yes I know it was a very short post, but as it said, it was a start. Well since then alternative energy has progressed somewhat in Ukraine.  Solar, hydroelectric bio-fuelled  CHPs and wind.  A lot of investment is going into […]

Naftogaz reorganisation and the role of the State in development


The Ukrainian loss making State owned behemoth that is Naftogaz Ukraine is about to get broken down, reorganised but not, as the EBRD have stated is necessary over the years, privatised. Actually that may not be quite accurate, there are certain parts of Naftogaz that are now legally banned from privatisation and others that quite […]

The Dnipropetrovsk investment roadshow - Brussels 12 April 2012

Odds-bodkins! It for weeks I have been meaning to post this and then something else took precedents and now it is almost too late! Tomorrow, Committee of the Regions of the EU (Bâtiment Jacques Delors, Rue Belliard 99-101, B - 1040 Brussels - Belgium), 0930 - 1300, the Dnipropetrovsk investment roadshow takes place.  (Actually there are […]

Ukrainian Investment Summit - London 18-20 April 2012

Following swiftly on the heels of “The French Spring” post yesterday advertising an experience in film, today I draw your attention to the annual Ukrainian Investment Summit which takes places between 18th-20th April at Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London. An event ably assisted and promoted by the Adam Smith Institute. To make matters clear, […]

There’s gold in them there hills! Well Lugansk actually

There’s gold in them there hills! Well actually there isn’t. Or maybe there is, but this is not the Klondike. I am actually writing about a gold mine. Not a metaphorical gold mine but an actual gold mine. I am talking about the Bobrikova deposit in Lugansk which has attracted the attention of the Australians. […]

Is bureaucratic streamlining ahead in Ukraine?

Is bureaucratic streamlining ahead in Ukraine? As anybody who takes note of the myriad of international reports relating to the ability to do business will know, Ukraine consistently fails to improve. The biggest gripes are with customs, both speed of clearance and levies, and VAT claims. All other problems can be overcome with a steely […]

Failing Ukrainian administration - A case in point (The Administration or the administration - Part II)

It is not necessarily wise and certainly not humble to quote oneself and hold one’s opinions up as being the shining light in the darkness, however, you will all remember yesterday’s post when I wrote this rather damning indictment of the Ukrainian “civil service”, policy effectiveness and implementation and communication. ” There is a desperate […]