Ukraine signs new gas deal - with RWE of Germany!


You will remember back in early March I mentioned a cunning plan from the government of Ukraine to buy gas from RWE in Germany and reverse the flow of sections of the transport system in order to import it, thus reducing the amount of contractually very expensive Russian gas? Well, Naftogas Ukraine has quietly signed […]

LNG Terminal - Yushni creeps closer to becoming a reality

Every now and again I mention LNG and Yushni in the same post and have been doing so since 2010 when I first put my money on Yushni being the eventual location of any LNG terminal for Ukraine. It seems my prediction was right and that a feasibility study has just been completed for locating […]

Turning the tide - Ukraine and gas

Well there has been much written, including by myself, over the Ukrainian situation with Russian gas, the pressure the 2009 gas deal puts on the Ukrainian budget and the amount of time before Ukraine can take upstream projects and turn them into downstream production to alleviate this problem. It is not often I write about […]


Now, if you are contractually tied to a fairly awful gas deal and cannot (as yet) renegotiate it but are none the less dependent on said gas, what do you do? Use less gas obviously! Mind you, when you have signed an agreement that guarantees a minimum quantity each year or face paying a fine […]

Oil summits and strategies

Whilst the Black Sea Shelf/Sea of Azov exploration plot rush continues apace with the majority of the worlds big oil players and Government of Ukraine, an oil summit takes place in Kyiv involving 300 or so interested individuals/parties.  More than anything else, you would imagine that market development and transparency (at least to the usual […]

The death of a State behemoth. A return to Naftogaz Ukraine

I wrote about the break up and partial spin off of Naftogaz Ukraine divisions a few days ago. As I stated at the time, such a break up is being loudly championed by the investment arms of the IMF and EBRD amongst others in a bid not only to reduce the drain on the public […]

The break up of Naftogaz Ukraine

Well, it was called for by the EBRD, IMF and no doubt numerous diplomats and governments behind the scenes in order to add weight to the IMF and EBRD voices. It seems the behemoth that is the State owned Naftogaz Ukraine is going to be broken up and sold off.  To what degree it will […]

Ecology/Environmental planning, registers and protocols

With the almost immediate beginning of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov shelves by the likes of the China Petroleum Company, Shell, Chevron, Eni, Petrobrazilia et al, one has to suspect there will be a State encouraged ISO 14001 styled (if not ISO 14001 itself) environmental policy push amongst the larger industrial companies operating […]

The return of a blacker than normal sheep? Lazarenko

The clock is ticking towards the release from a US jail of one of Ukraine’s most corrupt, if not the most corrupt, political leaders since independence. Ex-Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko is due to be released from a US jail on 12 January 2012 after being convicted of laundering $200 million gathered through his patronage whilst […]

Taking action in the US Courts. A good idea for the Ukrainian elite?

Now dear readers, as I wrote some months ago, Ms Tymoshenko lodged a law suit in the USA against RosUkrEnergy over alleged misdeeds very similar, as I pointed out at the time, to misdeeds she was quite capable of carrying out when she ran Unified Energy Systems (of Ukraine) and throwing stones in glass houses […]