A strategy for defeat - United Opposition

UP Ukr

I have had several messages recently asking me why, in my opinion, the United Opposition electioneering strategy is as dire as I have stated it is. Fair point - Despite stating numerous times that it is sadly dismal/dire/ineffective (take your pick I have used all those words and more) I have not really explained in […]

Video evidence - Tymoshenko camera shy?


As Ms Tymoshenko’s latest case stalls with her refusal to attend court over tax evasion and various other things related to her time owning and running United Energy Systems Ukraine, the Ukrainian Prosecutors have suggested her having a video link instead of having to attend the courtroom in person (as allowed by the new Criminal Procedures […]

Nobel Prize speech - Aung San Suu Kyi


Now I, like most people, have listened to many, many speeches.  Like some, I have even given a few, normally penned by myself, so apologies to those who have ever sat through one, small though your number be. (If, for some reason your are seeking at top drawer speech, do contact Charles Crawford, a man […]

Accepting invitiations - EU observers arrive for Tymoshenko cassation


You will remember about a month ago I wrote about Prime Minister Azarov’s invitation to the EU to send top level international observers to witness the cassation of Yulia Tymoshenko’s 2009 gas case trial and conviction at the highest court in Ukraine beginning later this month. Well, the EU accepted the offer at the time […]

“United Opposition” election manifesto launched


Well somewhat surprisingly, the “united opposition” parties of Ukraine (which does not include all opposition parties in Ukraine) has launched its manifesto for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in October. I say surprisingly, as generally there is very little said by political parties in Ukraine about proposed policy as politics normally revolves around personality here. Manifesto/policy […]

Tymoshenko wins Oleska Himyk award


OK, before I start many of you will be asking who or what is Oleska Himyk. Well, he was a Ukrainian engineer back in the darker days of the USSR and regularly in and out of the gulag for insisting on speaking Ukrainian much to the annoyance of the Soviet authorities, and can rightly be […]

An appetite for evidence - Azarov offer to the EU over Tymoshenko


If you were offered access to the evidence in a case you decry publicly as flawed, would you take it? In the numerous and robust condemnations over the case of Yulia Tymoshenko, every EU and sovereign statement has been to decried the due process of her trial leading to her conviction for misuse of office […]

Ukrainian opposition rally in Kyiv - A flop


For some months now I have been somewhat encouraged by the Ukrainian opposition political parties when looking at the opinion polls.  Not that they are certain to win the parliamentary elections looking at the polling figures, far from it.  It will be a close run thing as things stand today. What has been encouraging is […]

UK FCO Human Rights Report 2012 - Ukraine gets a paragraph

As readers of this blog will be aware, as this is not the first time the UK FCO Human Rights Report has been featured. Every year the Foreign & Commonwealth Office issues a report on what it has done (or not) with regards to human rights around the globe, the threats it sees and the […]

Baroness Ashton, Ms Tymoshenko and press releases

Oh dear.  No wonder the European External Action Service (EEAS) is in such a muddle. Baroness Ashton on 26th April, releases this statement which claims she is preoccupied with the affairs in Ukraine over Yulia Tymoshenko, currently on hunger strike.  That is rather sad considering her responsibilities, the absolute mess her department is in and […]