Securities as instuments of tax evasion - Ukraine


Well who would have thought it? Banks and financial instruments being used to avoid tax! Well yes, we all would have thought it.  We’ve all got fairly used to the idea that banks, financial markets and financial instruments are not the bastions of goodly deeds - regardless of which bank it is, where ever it […]

Tax avoidance/Off-shoring - Ukraine in the global scheme of things


Tax avoidance seems to be a national pass time in many nations.  So much so that it appears that national governments lose out on their share of tax on anywhere between $21 - $32 trillion that manages to beat their tax systems. That said, it is national governments that write the tax laws.  They are […]

Tax reduction initiative from Ukrainian Tax Authorities


Yes, I thought that would get your attention.  Tax reduction initiative from the Ukrainian Tax Authority? The Ukrainian tax authority has proposed that the 20% VAT tax be reduced to 12% for all types of services in the energy sector, monopoly goods and import operations. Immediately you have to ask yourself who owns the majority […]

2012 budget deficit 2.8%? - Going to be hard!

As many of you dear readers will know, Irina Akimova is a woman I place head and shoulders above every other politician and political advisor in Ukraine from anywhere across the political spectrum. For me, she is the best and most sensible, academically enlightened voice in a position of influence that Ukraine possess. She is […]

Ease of doing business in Ukraine - Latest WB report

Well, the latest World Bank “Ease of doing business” report is out and Ukraine dropped 3 places.  Whether that is because Ukraine got worse or others got better faster and simply overtook Ukraine is not really clear from a brief look although I am sure amongst you dear readers will sit numerous statisticians and economists […]

News for Ukrainian Private Enterpreneurs

As I am about to do battle with almost 10,000 pending comments across several websites, of which at least 9980 will undoubtedly be spam, I will leave you with a rather splendid decision by the Ministry of Justice in Ukraine relating to the registering of Private Entrepreneurs.  At least a splendid decision in comparison to […]

Tax audits - Ukraine

It seems at long last that the State Tax Service and the Audit Chamber of Ukraine have come to agreement over the issue of tax audits and inspections. The question now is whether there are enough auditing companies for those who want to keep the State  tax inspectors from their door or whether some will […]

Staying with the subject of tax - this time in Ukraine - and collection

Now I am not going to get into the good, bad and indifferent aspects of the new Tax Code, suffice to say all three are represented in it just as they are in all taxation systems in every country.  There is no perfect tax system and to be honest, the longer the system has been […]

Preparing for battle with the State - HMRC (Inland Reveue) Issues

No, no dear readers, I am not about to fly back to the UK and join the morons rioting and looting their way through major UK cities.  After almost half a century of no arrests, and no convictions, I am not about to start now.  I don’t even have any points on my driving license. […]

Ukrainian Tax Officials available on line for real time consultancy

Seriously - It’s true.  Not tried it myself, but it went live on 15th July. Anyone wishing to share their on-line experience with this new Ukrainian service, please feel free to leave a comment. Sorry, the computer says “No”