Anti-Corruption laws - Ukraine (It’s not the laws but ineffective implementation)

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One of the (United-ish) opposition platforms for their next term in opposition has been stated as creating more anti-corruption laws as outlined here. As I wrote only a few days ago, Ukraine does not need more anti-corruption laws.  It has plenty. In fact, not only does Ukraine have plenty of anti-corruption laws, the laws it has […]

CPT Report - Ukraine


The latest CPT, (or Council of Europe European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhumane or Degrading  Treatment or Punishment) has just been released relating to Ukraine. Just as grim a read as it was in 2009. It seems there have been no improvements under this government compared to the last one. One wonders […]

Ukrainian OSCE Chairmanship


Ukraine officially takes over the chairmanship of OSCE on 6/7th December 2012 at the OSCE ministerial council meeting in Dublin, when Ireland hands over, and will thus chair OSCE through 2013. That on the back of some robust criticism by OSCE of the recent Ukrainian parliamentary elections - their final and authoritative report on said […]

The Opposition - Looking forward

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So the opposition parties in Ukraine have accepted the election results as called by the CEC, with the exception of 5 seats that are to be re-run.  One presumes that having done so, the call for the elections to “represent the genuine will of the Ukrainian voters” as per the EU press statement of two […]

Must be something in the water……


Many readers will not have a clue what or who IDS Group Ukraine is. IDS Group Ukraine is part of IDS Borjomi International, owned in part by influential shareholders from France, the UK and USA amongst others - and The Netherlands where IDS Borjomi International is headquartered. IDS Group Ukraine is most well know for […]

Transparency in Extractive Industries in Ukraine?

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Now here is something interesting, not just because it involves transparency within the murky world of extractive industries, but the fact that this even exists in Ukraine - even if only on paper: МІНІСТЕРСТВО ЕНЕРГЕТИКИ ТА ВУГІЛЬНОЇ ПРОМИСЛОВОСТІ УКРАЇНИ НАКАЗ 02.10.2012 м. Київ № 785 Про створення багатосторонньої групи заінтересованих осіб (БГЗО) з питання імплементації […]

Answering some readers question from the “So now what?” post - Elections and ECfHR


If I needed proof that people (bless you all) actually read what I write occasionally , aside from the website statistics and comments made, questions sent by readers is indeed such proof. Relating to this post written a few days ago, I have been sent several questions, and most aimed at these two paragraphs: “The […]

OSCE Interim Election Report - Ukraine 2012 Elections


On 19th October, Prime Minister Azarov made a statement that OSCE had not recorded any violations of the election process. Really? That very same day, OSCE released its interim election report, which would beg to differ!

Commission for Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law - Venice Commission

venice commission

The Venice Commission, when looking at the proposed new law on the Public Prosecutors Office of Ukraine, has in summary, made it clear that whilst the new law goes a long way to improving matters and generally brings Ukraine into EU norms (with the need for some clarifications in the text - although not that […]

OVIR bureaucracy - For those who already have Permanent Residency

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The biggest bureaucratic nightmare for any foreigner in Ukraine is the bureaucracy involved in trying to stay in the country legally for longer than 90 days in a 180 day period without bending the rules to breaking point. For those who eventually get their Permanent Residency card and domicile stamp in their passport like me, […]