Poland and Ukraine scrap Long Term Visa fees

Sometime during the autumn, giving time for the bureaucrats to do what bureaucrats do within the nations of Poland and Ukraine, the fees for long term Visas for citizens of both nations visiting the other will be abolished. That agreement was reached between Poland and Ukraine on 13th June, and thus Poland joins Latvia, Lithuania… [Continue Reading]

Checks and imbalances - Structural immunity and civil reactions

I have written many times about politicians, judges and their ilk from the former Communist nations managing one way or another to avoid what the public and external actors feel they richly deserve by way of justice. There is also the alternative case of the public and external actors feeling that some get what they… [Continue Reading]

Remember Kalush, that toxic town in Ivano-Frankivsk?

Well dear readers, do you remember me writing about Kalush almost two years ago? It was indeed when I was writing in a somewhat more “folksy” style which reading it now, I am certainly not that good at.  Fortunately I have an audience who seem to be very forgiving and far more interested in content… [Continue Reading]

Sticking with Euro 2012…….and nationalism

Following on rather neatly from yesterday’s post about police strategy for the Euro 2012 football tournament, whilst diligently passing a empirical eye over nationalism in Ukraine for those who pay (bless them), I came across a report on football and those to the far-right of the ideology spectrum. The report covers nationalism showing its face… [Continue Reading]

Let the geopolitical trade battle begin - Russia and Ukraine - First shots manifest in Agri

Unsurprisingly, and as predicted many months ago amongst the posts here, Russia has hit out at Ukraine’s determination to sign the DCFTA agreement with the EU by the year end by banning certain Ukrainian imports into Russia on various grounds. The targets thus far are dairy and meat products with the bans coming into force… [Continue Reading]

“When you take a girl to the cinema, some times it isn’t to watch the film” - EU/Ukraine membership

Now here is an interesting piece in the EU Observer relating to diplomatic and political relationships, albeit based around the metaphor of taking girls to the cinema. Ukraine, quite rightly, is still pushing for some rather clear wording for the preamble to the EU AA due to be signed between the EU and Ukraine in… [Continue Reading]

Crucial times for Poland and Ukraine

Well dear readers, these are crucial times for Poland and Ukraine and I am not referring to the Euro 2012 football tournament. Poland takes the helm of the EU from 1st July when it assumes the rotating presidency and is being very much counted upon by its former soviet neighbours, both within the EU and… [Continue Reading]

Euro 2012 countdown - Will Ukraine be a success?

Well dear readers in exactly 1 year from today, this will be the eve of the biggest multinational event in Ukraine’s history since independence. The first games will take place on 8th June 2012, albeit Ukraine has an additional day of preparation as the first games here do not take place until 9th June. I… [Continue Reading]

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