New Customs Rules effective 1st June 2012

Yes, yes, I know!

Today is 4th June and I’m telling you about changes coming into force 4 days ago.

Well six months ago I told you about the new law so I did tell you and you have simply forgotten in amongst the torrent of tedious ruminations you have had to sit and read since then.  And I have been moving and seen more cardboard boxes than can be found housing the homeless under the bridges in London.

So, better late than never, in English, the new, current, latest customs allowances for those coming to Ukraine. - What?  It still says 2009?  A State website still displaying old data for what is a major change to legislation?  Well keep your eye on it and it will catch up eventually no doubt - It may even get updated by the time you finish reading this entry.

OK - Well here (in a language most will have to run through Google translate as I am still unpacking and don’t have time to do it for you) is the Ukraine_Customs_Requirements_Rus from a Kyiv based travel agent.

Yes, OK, I apologise for letting a little thing like moving  getting this information to you in a language you understand in an untimely manner.

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