Symbology of the terraces - Ukrainian nationalists


In what is likely to severely scupper somebody’s business plans for the Lviv Arena, FIFA have banned the Ukrainian national football team from playing there until the completion of the 2018 World Cup tournament. Quite rightly given the breaking of FIFA rules. The offences committed reminiscent of UK football terraces in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s - […]

European Council (of Foreign Ministers) - Ukraine football boycott


As many of you dear readers will know, the EU works on the principle of Dante’s many circles of hell, the workings of which I have outlined for you previously. Yesterday on 14th May, the European Council (which comprises of Ministers from the sovereign nations that make up the EU met under the chairmanship of […]

Politics and sport - Ukraine UEFA 2012


Now as you know, generally I stay away from the “headlining MSM” media news about Ukraine.  Occasionally I don’t use the news as a springboard at all, particularly when I feel like a meander through policy, effective, ineffective or counterproductive thereof, negotiations and diplomacy, positions, needs and interests, interests verses values and all that terribly […]

Fans Embassies - Euro 2012 Ukraine

Now here is an interesting concept. It maybe not a new idea directly out of the box of new ideas, but it is certainly an interesting concept for Ukraine. “Embassies for fans” situated along side relevant national embassies - Blimey! Me thinks the UK Consulate building is more appropriate than a tent pitched in the […]

Sticking with Euro 2012…….and nationalism

Following on rather neatly from yesterday’s post about police strategy for the Euro 2012 football tournament, whilst diligently passing a empirical eye over nationalism in Ukraine for those who pay (bless them), I came across a report on football and those to the far-right of the ideology spectrum. The report covers nationalism showing its face […]

Euro 2012 - Policing and terrorism strategy

Well dear readers, amongst the myriad of websites I trawl through daily looking for things pertinent to Ukraine is Statewatch. Often there is very little to do with Ukraine, however a quick perusal has led me to the EU handbook “with recommendations for international police cooperation and measures to prevent and control violence and disturbances […]

TMS Cricket and difficult explanations

For the last 5 days, religiously the computer has been locked onto the TMS (Test Match Special) BBC coverage of the first Test between world ranked number 1’s India against world ranked number 2’s England. A series that should England win will reverse those rankings as far as Test Cricket is concerned. All incredibly important […]

Euro 2012 countdown - Will Ukraine be a success?

Well dear readers in exactly 1 year from today, this will be the eve of the biggest multinational event in Ukraine’s history since independence. The first games will take place on 8th June 2012, albeit Ukraine has an additional day of preparation as the first games here do not take place until 9th June. I […]

40,000 Ukrainian police to learn English

01/10/2010 - Well dear readers, according to Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushniak, 40,ooo Ukrainian police officers will learn English in time for the Euro 2012 football tournament. The cost to Ukraine, a mere UAH 300 million……or $37,974,683 and a few cents…….or $949 per officer. The English lessons will be carried out at universities, police institutes […]

Back to Lviv

13/04/2010 - Well dear readers, you will remember a recent post entitled “And over in Lviv”, where I posed a few questions about the 2012 preparations. …….Yes you do remember it……….you do! Anyway, here is the answer to one of my questions…….. Ukrainian News -  Officers of the Lviv regional chief office of the Ministry of […]