Regional Development (Again)


A few days ago I briefly wrote about regional development in Ukraine, concluding that “Accepting there is no perfect method - why do we expect a perfect outcome?” - A fair point I think. What I didn’t do, is state what I thought would be a reasonable model to pursue - naughty me! After all, […]

Dotting the “Yos” - For anybody who has decided to learn Russian

club yo

There are numerous nuances in any language.  There are numerous grammatically historically correct actions which modern day language has or is making redundant. Language evolves - if it didn’t then what I am writing now would be no different to the language used by Shakespeare centuries ago - which would probably be very annoying for […]

Enrst & Young Expatriates Survey - Ukraine


Enrst & Young are carrying out a little survey amongst expatriates in Ukraine. I have written about polls and surveys before, 18th July to be exact, and what weight, if any, can be given to them: “………..My point, such as it is, is to look at any particular poll not only in comparison with others, […]

Off to the UK in November

cheap flights

Well, your author has to visit the UK in November.  As much as I would like to avoid it, there is no avoiding it. The upside is that after 10 days in England I will be reminded of just why I emigrated in the first place.  The downside is now looking for flights to and […]

Temporary changes - Odessa Airport - Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

For regular fliers to and from Odessa airport, be aware of a few temporary changes between 12 - 21 September at the terminal building. Odessa will be handling 40 flights relating to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and as always there will be a lot of Jews arriving and departing from Odessa airport as […]

Politics and sport - Ukraine UEFA 2012


Now as you know, generally I stay away from the “headlining MSM” media news about Ukraine.  Occasionally I don’t use the news as a springboard at all, particularly when I feel like a meander through policy, effective, ineffective or counterproductive thereof, negotiations and diplomacy, positions, needs and interests, interests verses values and all that terribly […]

The unpopularity race – Politics in Ukraine

When all major political parties in Ukraine manage to gain 18% or less individually in the straw polls of public opinion regardless of what provocative or pacifying actions they make take in an attempt to either motivate or buy off the voting public, the one clear result opinion polls show is that the Ukrainian public […]

Lord Fowler, AIDS and Ukraine

Yes, no doubt numerous Ukrainians will have been asking the same thing as many of you dear readers.  Who is Lord Fowler?  To save explanation and my time click on his highlighted and embolden name to magically reach his Wikipedia entry. For those of us old enough to have lived and worked during the Thatcher […]

Happy Easter

Well, today for some of you readers it is Easter Sunday.  For my local readers, well, we have to wait until next Sunday. Heralding from the UK and living permanently in Ukraine, just like Christmas, I get to have two Easters due to the minor differences in religious calendars.  Not necessarily good for the waistline […]

The French Spring reaches - Odessa

Sacrebleu mon ami!  The French Spring has spread to Odessa! No, no - the French Spring has nothing to do with the so called Arab Spring despite the French being past masters of revolutions. Once again Odessa City Administration is taking us on an entertaining, culture expanding, thought provoking journey into the world of international […]