Shrinking demographics - 33-36 million forecast for 2050 in Ukraine


Rather unsurprisingly Ukrainian demographics are forecast to shrink to between 33 - 36 million by 2050 from the current 45/46 million.  Unsurprisingly because European demographics are going to shrink by 2050. With demographics, it is often wise to look at the big data to understand that of the small more comprehensively. In fact by 2050 […]

US State Department Trafficking in Humans Report 2013 - Ukraine


The US State Department has released its annual “Trafficking in Humans Report” with Ukraine featuring on pages 373 - 375. All in all - whilst it is possible to split hairs - as reasonably accurate as is possible given the broad brush strokes required for a brief national overview. As I have written previously, an […]

Ukraine ranked 64th for gender equality


There has been so much written on gender equality over the years I am not going to attempt to write anything that would be meaningful, thoughtful or new. Suffice to say, Ukraine has just been ranked 64th globally when it comes to gender equality - drawing this response from Natalia Korolevska, the Ukrainian Minister for Social […]

A rare moment - Convictions for Human Trafficking involving Ukraine


Right - Back on my soap box relating to an cause I passionately believe in. For once a flicker of light in an otherwise very black hole known as human trafficking. As it is no secret that convictions globally for this abhorrent crime are minimal - despite the sheer scale of the problem in terms […]

Attempts to legalise prostitution and the effect of human trafficking


Well, this entry is likely to get a lot of reading over the coming months - not because of ruminations it contains, but because it will contain those SEO magnetic key words of Ukraine, women, prostitution, sex, escorts and the like. One look at my blog statistics and it is clear to see that many […]

Whilst waiting for the dust to settle - The Gender Gap

WEF logo

Whilst waiting for the dust to settle from yesterday’s elections, here is an interesting survey from the World Economic Forum relating to “The Gender Gap.” When hovering the mouse over nations, it appears Ukraine seems to do rather well in comparison to EU CEE nations and a few EU Mediterranean nations as well. A bit […]

Turning around demographics - “Challenging”


“Challenging” - That I suspect would be the diplomatic word used by those nations who are facing a demographic slump, and there are many across the continent of Europe over the rest of this century and beyond. Here is a handy little graph from the Wall Street Journal as lifted from the UN.  Tick box […]

Migration, Immigration, Asylum, trafficking, readmissions and all those frameworks to deal with unwanted movement of people in and through Ukraine

human trafficking

This post has the potential to be something of a mish-mash.  In fact it could appear to be bolted together with the crudeness of a 1970’s Lada compared to a smooth finish of a modern day Bentley. That is the way of things sometimes. As it happens, it ties together a number of random occurrences […]

Proposed change in abortion law - Ukraine

One of the most notable achievements of European society (for better or for worse depending upon your point of view) has been the separation of church from State during the evolution of the continent, and the resulting secular State. For most European citizens, the Church is the Church and the State is the State  and […]

Human Trafficking

Today I was going to write about why reform in Ukraine is so slow and the bottom-up support that is missing.  That will have to wait until I get around to it. Currently I am researching serious and organised crime for a document that will be published elsewhere in cyberspace in the months ahead.  Certainly […]