Travel Services

OdessaTalk Services are organized somewhat differently than what you will find with “agencies” in Odessa. We do our best to customize everything to your interests – outside of the expensive “tourist market” to the extent possible. We can provide you the pros and cons on just about everything in Odessa – staying in the center or outside of it, best and easiest ways to travel, etc. We’ve lived here for over 10 years!

We provide you customized services – ditching what you don’t want or need, route you around the scams, make things as simple as possible, as luxurious as you would like or as conservative as you need. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you need something not listed,

English – Russian Interpreter Services:

$15.00 per hour plus expenses* – 2 hour minimum.  For more than 8 hours per day, 40 per week, or hours after 10 PM (2200 hours) add $5.00 per hour for overtime pay.  Available on an on-call basis.

Make reservations two weeks or more in advance with a security deposit of $30.00 via Paypal and save $2.50 per hour ($12.50 regular / $17.50 overtime).

*Expenses include meals (not to exceed $10 per meal), tickets to events, and transport between locations.  We are flexible and this is open to negotiation.

Apartments – Short and Long-Term

Tell us what your interests are and what your budget is and we’ll do our best to provide you some good options to look at. With OdessaFX, for short-term visitors, we can likely save you money over what you would pay on the open tourist market. Our specialization is finding long-term apartments, however – 6 months or more.


Airport pick-up and drop-off: up to $20.00 depending upon destination in Odessa.

Daily Driver: $10.00 an hour – however, depending upon your needs you can likely do without a dedicated driver and save a lot of money. If you plan on staying a while, we can familiarize you with the local transportation system – bus, tram, gypsy and commercial taxis so that you have freedom of movement.

Methods of Payment

Presently, and owing to circumstances in Ukraine, we accept Wire Transfers (Dollars), Moneygrams (Euros), and Cash (Hryvnia, Dollars or Euros).  With advance notice, we can also work out arrangements for you to make payment via Paypal.