Meanwhile in Transnistria - mobilization


Just across the border from Odessa lies Transnistria, the Kremlin sponsored enclave within Moldova. Unsurprisingly, considering regional events, it appears that Transnistria is about to mobilize, apparently following a decree issued by “President” Yevgeny Shevchuk. This mobilization, it is claimed, will attract between 5000 and 7000 18 - 27 years olds, as well as an […]

Igor Shevchenko joins the Saakashvili team in Odessa

On 2nd July, the Rada voted with 235 votes in favour, to dismiss then Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources of Ukraine, Igor Shevchenko. Upon his dismissal Mr Shevchenko stated that he was considering running for Mayor in the local elections, due in late October, in either Kyiv or Odessa. Although somewhat fanciful perhaps, it […]

A transition bank that fails due to transition? - FDI bureaucracy

On Monday 20th July Kyivska Rus” Bank, insolvent since March 2015 must be liquidated - except that need not have been the case - and indeed may at the 11th hour prove not to be the case, although the clock is almost entirely run down. It need not be the case, as since April 2015, a […]

“Ins” and “outs” amongst the circles of the Russian “enlightened” - Odessa

Yesterday saw two occurrences in Odessa. The first, a known unknown.  That being the declaration persona non grata of Valeriy Shibeko, acting Consul General of the Russian Federation in Odessa. “In accordance with Article 23 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has given the Russian side a note demanding that the […]