A constitutional cacophony passes through the Rada

No differently from the theatrics, populism, and cacophony of discord that saw Bill №2217a “On Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (concerning the decentralization of power) pass through the Rada yesterday, undoubtedly Ukrainian main stream and social media will be screeching and squawking over the 288 votes in favour for the proposed amendments to the […]

Odessa - By Land and Sea

This is mostly raw data.  The map below is for quick reference purposes. Distances between selected capitols are for land routes, obviously without the road map detail. So as to not crowd the map, capitols are left off. For the logistically-minded, an 800 km (500 mile) day for truckers puts the majority of European capitols […]

A firearms/terrorist fudge - or an opportunity to begin a slow process? Ukraine

A recent entry relating to the events in Mukachevo stated thus: “Both Ukraine and Russia are awash with illicit weapons that entered the east of Ukraine and either seeped out of the ATO zone into Ukraine, or were smuggled back into Russia by Russian organised crime.  Both nations, as predicted when events in Donetsk initially unfolded more […]

Structure and sustainability - A Saakashvili (and Ukraine) problem

As the arrival of Mr Saakashvili has turned both domestic and international eyes toward Odessa, and the truly gargantuan task he has taken on in reforming the Oblast - very much as a microcosm of Ukraine in many ways (although every Oblast presents unique yet entrenched issues too), whatever appears in this entry, can by […]

As the current legislative window closes in Ukraine…….

The current legislative window closes in Ukraine at the end of this week, with Rada holidays until the Autumn upon us. Perhaps something of a blessing considering the standard of legislation that the legislative body actually emits. However, amongst a mountainous amount of required legislation still outstanding to lay the legal footing for (probably ineffectively […]

A wide angled lens look at the “Mukachevo incident”

Grabbing the headlines over the past day or so has been the (currently on-going) incident between Right Sector and the State in Mukachevo. To briefly zoom in, the incident concentrates around cigarette smuggling, criminality and collusion of regional officials therein. It resulted with Right Sector taking the law into their own hands, people being shot […]

The Ukrainian Army & Force Preservation

It is not my interest or intention to undermine the Ukrainian Army. The rank and file soldiers of Ukraine have done a good job with what is available to them in defending Ukraine against the Russian-backed insurgency. If there is any grief to be given, it is aimed at elements of Ukraine’s officer corps with […]

The political fight for control of the new “Police” begins?

Two rather pointed entries have been published here recently relating to the new “Police” in Kyiv  - and soon to be in Odessa (and elsewhere). Before continuing, a few key quotes that you author knew would inevitably arise, and arise swiftly: “The new thin blue line must also have the group ethic to withstand the […]

Valeriy Chaly appointed Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA…..eventually


Since April 2015, Ukraine has had no ambassador to the USA, a nation that is currently a key, if the not key, ally of the country.  Certainly US diplomatic energy and will is the driving force amongst the diplomatic community.  Even if US Embassy Kyiv messages are getting lost, or at least diluted, within “the […]

United Oil Company of Ukraine? No - Back to the drawing board

A few days ago, Prime Minister Yatseniuk stated: “The state has an incredible asset of tens of billion U.S. dollars in hands. Ukrtransnafta is the state-run company. The state also has 51% shares of Ukrnafta, and 43% shares of Ukrtatnafta.   Let’s go back to the idea of setting up a large oil company - […]