The Axis Highwater Mark - El Alamein (AAR Turns 21 - 30)

Proceeding with Turns 21 - 30 for The Third Reich 42 - 45 North Africa. The screenshot doesn’t do justice for the whirlwind of fighting transpiring just west of El Alamein, Egypt. A mix of British armoured and infantry brigades continuously baited Rommel’s forces to advance toward Montgomery’s massive Eighth Army. Then, using one of […]

Back to the Game - Turns 11 - 20

Continuing the play test of “Third Reich 1942 - 1945″ under The Operational Art of War, we already up to Turn 34 with no major game issues, only minor details to refine. Instead of going turn by turn, I’ll switch to covering larger blocks of turns. Finland/Karelian Front - Historically, Arctic Cicle Lend Lease Convoys […]

Tobruk and a Salute to the Shalala lala la Guys… (AAR T005-6)


Continuing with the action in North Africa, Rommel’s Afrika Korps follows in the footsteps of history with a series of hard fought attacks to take the Port of Tobruk. Most of the English Army has retreated, but by the time all is said and done, the English will have lost four brigades defending Tobruk and […]

The 1941 Iraq Coup and Rommel’s Afrika Korps


First, some real history… The history books almost completely gloss over German-Arab relations during World War II. It’s fitting to give some attention to Iraq’s role in World War II as it had some influence in the eventual formation of the Ba’ath Party. Without getting deep into Iraq’s history (or the affairs/aftermath of World War […]

Operation Fridericus and Case Blue (T002)


The Third Reich 1942 - 1945 AAR Turn 002. Operation Fridericus and Case Blue - The Historical Narrative. Operation Fridericus was essentially the first phase of Case Blue, culminating in the Battle of Voronezh -a mere 280 miles south of Moscow. Axis forces included Fourth Panzer Armee under General Hermann Hoth versus the Soviet 40th […]

The Third Reich 1942 - 1945; AAR Turn 001.

Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb - Retired from service in 1938; recalled for the occupation of the Sudetenland; retired afterwards.  Recalled again and given Command of Army Group C for the Battle of France - opposed Hiter's invasion through the Lowlands.  His forces broke through the Marginot Line and he was promoted to Generalfeldmarschall.   Given command of Army Group North for Operation Barbarosa, he failed to take Leningrad and subsequently asked to be relieved of command taking offense at Hitler's intervention from afar, made effective in January 1942.

An After Action Report and TOAW IIII Play Test Mark (Axis) vs. Mike (Allies) The specifics of this campaign are detailed in the World War II and Odessa Files: Take Two. This is a monster - easily one of the largest wargame scenarios available. It runs 158 turns - far shorter than the even larger […]