Happy New Year - С Ноывим Годом

A very predictable, but nonetheless necessary, New Years wish to all my readers this year - whether it be at this or the other blogs, or the snippets I write that appear in far more notable and esteemed places. Of course, whilst my wish to you all is that your dreams and desires for 2013 [...]

Health priorities - Ukraine

Well - following on from this post a few days ago, we have this announcement from Ukraine. How transparent and auditable this will be remains to be seen - I suspect it is will incredibly opaque unfortunately. One is also reminded that “prevention is better than cure” as the saying goes - the problem with [...]

For those with nothing to do New Years Eve in Odessa

new year odessa

For those with nothing to do in Odessa on New Years Eve - or for those on a budget - the usual New Years Eve entertainment of concerts and fireworks is taking place. Be forewarned that I may or may not post tomorrow - I’m off out to the “Very Sexy Night” at Gnezdo on [...]

International collection of child support coming to Ukraine….maybe

Not a post that will please the absent parents in Ukraine failing in their obligations to support children and spouses they have left behind in other nations - but - On 25th December Viktor Yanukovych submitted to the RADA bill Number 0010.  This bill is designed to ratify the International Recovery of Child Support and [...]

Sexually Transmitted Infections - Sex Workers Ukraine

Before I begin, I should make a declaration of (previous) interest. No - I am not and never have been a sex worker in Ukraine! I did, however, spend 8 years dealing with the issue of prostitution and all the surrounding issues in the 1990′s in the UK.  Over such a period of time, and [...]



Simply nothing compos mentis is at all possible today - sorry - far too much Christmas spirit was imbibed!

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate it today)

Wishing those of you who celebrate Christmas today a very Merry Christmas indeed!

A purging of the pro-EU Ministers or a significant ideological split?

Smart readers will recall I wrote this at the beginning of November relating to “Who’s in and who’s out?” - It was aimed specifically at Valery Khoroshkhovsky and Poroshenko. By 16th December, Khoroshkhovsky resigned from the Ukrainian government as I had predicted, citing the returning of Mykola Azarov to the position of Prime Minister as the reason. [...]

Amending the Criminal Executive Code - Ukraine

Sometimes what a nation signs up to has unintended consequences.  Particularly so when it comes to the ever expanding arena of human rights.  Human rights seems to be on a mission creep, or necessary expansion depending upon your point of view, unlike almost any other area of national and international law. An example being the [...]

What’s in a name? Odessa street name shenanigans

Odessa City Hall

Ho humm! Shenanigans, nefarious acts and lack of public consultation have resulted in tear gas and water cannon being used at Odessa City Hall over, of all things, the renaming of some Odessa City Streets. When City Hall is daily siphoning off the city budget through opaque tenders, outright theft, deliberate mis-accounting and misappropriation of [...]

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