“Bootstrapping” democracy - Ukraine


The IMF Mission has once again left Ukraine having completed its first review under The Extended Fund Facility Agreement.  Its statement on the IMF website can be found here, but reads in its entirety as follows: “IMF Statement on Discussions with Ukraine on First Review under the Extended Fund Facility Arrangement Press Release No. 15/243 […]

Ukraine and The Rome Statute (Again)


Over the years, several entries have appeared here relating to Ukraine and The Rome Statute - primarily dealing with the issues of why Ukraine has still to ratify this international instrument 15 years (and a few days) after signing up to it. Indeed relevant ruminations from this blog have been published by the CICC website […]

Counter-Terrorism revisited - Social Media Ukraine


Over the past week or so, a few entries have appeared here relating to the slide into sporadic and ad hoc standard forms of low level terrorism occurring beyond the boundaries of the war in eastern Ukraine. The latest entries here, here, and the most cited of them across the Internet here. Within the prose […]

An appeal to readers - Обращение к читателям


Though my blogs will continue - I am tempted to try something new. Thus an appeal to all my readers on twitter, Facebook, VK, LinkedIn, RSS subscribers etc. I am looking for bloggers from across Ukraine, or that are written by Ukrainian passport holding citizens outside of Ukraine. Yes that immediately discounts blogs from “western […]

Job Vacancy UK Embassy Kyiv - Media and Digital Communications Manager


For my Ukrainian readers, or foreigners temporarily and permanently living in Ukraine, the UK Embassy in Kyiv is looking for a Media and Digital Communications Manager - Role and remit as per the link. That is all.

Just what qualifies as “temporary” Microsoft? - My email is down


OK - absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine, unless you are in Ukraine and trying to email me, in which case be prepared for some delay. Yesterday, I turned on my computer to find it did not automatically log into my email, as it has done day in and day out, week in and week […]

Buying off the bloggers - Ukraine


Now here is an interesting little article relating to politicians and political parties buying off the blogosphere at election time in Ukraine. Would I sell my integrity and that of this blog (or any of my others) for $500 to write something unconditionally  pro or anti any particular Ukrainian political party? Certainly not - particularly as […]

E-Gov & E-diplomacy - E-xemplorary service - or not? EU v UK


Ho Humm. As is clear to many readers historically, I am quite proud of my nation - most of the time - as any patriotic and solid citizen of any nation is. I have a particular admiration for the FCO - not least because I know quite a few people who have served within it […]

I’m having a week off!


Having written almost daily for the past 5 years, I feel it is time to have a week off - partly because of circumstances beyond my control, due to my participation in  a discussion of the “Dark Side of Civil Society” - and yes there is a dark side (at least potentially in some cases, […]

Absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine - A day off in search of Bowie!


Right!  Some things and some occurrences are momentarily more important than the big and complex issues of the day, or the lunatics that run the Ukrainian asylum. Tickets to the Last night of the Proms, a front row seat to see Dame Shirley Bassey belting out songs just as forcefully as she did more than […]