Ecology/Environmental planning, registers and protocols

With the almost immediate beginning of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov shelves by the likes of the China Petroleum Company, Shell, Chevron, Eni, Petrobrazilia et al, one has to suspect there will be a State encouraged ISO 14001 styled (if not ISO 14001 itself) environmental policy push amongst the larger industrial companies operating in Ukraine.

One has to expect that the larger Ukrainian industries will also be “encouraged” to at least have an Environmental Policy as well, regardless of whether they follow it or not.

For those in desperate need, I still have several I have written for large industrial companies in the past that achieved ISO 14001 on this very computer and backed up on a thumb-drive.  They will of course need to be tailored to any specific company however the framework is there and only tinkering required.

Thus I am available for hire free-lance at discounted rates for all of you Ukrainian environmental bad boys who will soon need a good environmental policy that is ISO 14001 compatible, easy to implement with tried and tested audit and reporting procedures together with emergency contingency plans for dealing any incident.

I can produce them in English, Russian or both.  They will be as good, if not better, than any the foreign companies submit and work to when operating here.

Just leave a comment, I will not publish it, but I will contact you and put you in front of the inevitable ministerial interest that will come with increased impact from foreign operations and environmental impact in Ukraine.