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The OdessaTalk Translation Fund

Help us translate important information and raise awareness of new public policies, civil society programs, grant, business and opportunities for Ukrainians.  Our specific bottleneck is getting English translated into Ukrainian and Russian.  Your donation will help bring on two part-time translators and provide time for their work to be self-sustaining via  client-based services and cost sharing.

OdessaTalk was established in 2009 as private blog focusing on matters of interest to visitors of Odessa. It has grown into something much greater - an English speaking voice of and for Ukraine. We address matters of policy, rule of law, human rights, civil society, business, government and international relations. OdessaTalk provides hard to find insight on local issues, people, businesses, government and international activities relevant to Ukraine. This has been engaged virtually every day, for six years, without consideration of compensation.

Now, Ukraine is in a crisis, but also has in front of it many valuable opportunities. Much about Ukraine is Kyiv-centric, or focused on the crisis, the War in the East. That’s necessary, however it is also important to attend to the “Deep and Comprehensive” components of the “Free Trade Agreement” between Ukraine and the EU that will take effect come January 1, 2016. This requires a broader sharing of information across Ukrainian-Russian-English languages, pointing out opportunities to those who can act on them, in some cases helping them do so. This spans matters of ISO and EU standards, grant opportunities, incoming investors and new businesses, exports, helping Ukrainians find good jobs, and more.

OdessaTalk has pulled its own weight and is up to pulling even more. To do so requires taking a more proactive stance in expanding the resources it has available. We are able to make a “little bit of help” go a long way. OdessaTalk has expanded its efforts via a second site, Ukraine Blogs & Jobs to help in the creation of Jobs for Ukrainians.

If you like what we are doing, please consider making a donation or advertising with us. The majority of the funds we receive will go toward hiring translators to address the bottleneck we have in getting English information distributed in Ukrainian and Russian.