Ukraine, Chinese military cooperation to intensify

Now here is a rather timely announcement, or not, considering China has just sailed out its first aircraft carrier for trials.  An aircraft carrier it bought from Ukraine from old stock and completely refurbished.

It seems that whilst military technology is on the agenda via an intergovernmental commission on military-industrial cooperation, more to the point will be the finance generated by selling tanks, heavy hovercraft, heavy air transport and air defence systems to Gov China.

Ukraine of course is a fairly major global manufacturer and exporter of arms.  Maybe not in the same league as the US, Russia, France or UK, but certainly within the top 10 nations.

Nothing legally or morally wrong with selling to China over and above anybody else of course, but you do wonder how dimly this will be viewed by Chinese neighbours  Russia, Taiwan and South Korea ( the latter two being US customers and somewhat under the military patronage there of.)

That said, there is strong rumour of further and major Chinese investment in Ukraine in other areas such as R&D, space, infrastructure and commodities.  Why not sell them a few air defence systems, tanks and the like make those rumours a reality?

After all, nobody stopped France selling 4 warships to Russia earlier in the year and nobody fell out with France.