“Greening” Odessa

Now the issues of environmental and ecological impact on our surroundings is not to be taken likely.  I say that as somebody who has written and enforced numerous ISO14001 environmental policies, environmental audit procedures and emergency environmental response plans both for major companies, major projects and town councils.

It is therefore exceptionally pleasing to so see Odessa City Council generating competitions to promote environmental awareness, environmental planning and generally pushing “greening” to the top of its agenda (or at least near the top of the City Website for the moment).

However, if you are interested in entering and the chance of winning awards, you need to get your finger out as 15th December is judgement and presentation day.  A close read of the text would inform the reader that the awards are for projects from 2009 - 2011, meaning some will have almost a two year head start and have implemented their projects thus being able to provide some form of quantitative empirical results whilst you are currently rushing for you pencil and pad, rapidly creating your green masterpiece.

A little more lead-in time by way of earlier announcement of the competition would have been somewhat beneficial maybe?