There’s gold in them there hills! Well Lugansk actually

There’s gold in them there hills!

Well actually there isn’t. Or maybe there is, but this is not the Klondike. I am actually writing about a gold mine. Not a metaphorical gold mine but an actual gold mine.

I am talking about the Bobrikova deposit in Lugansk which has attracted the attention of the Australians. Good miners the Australians you know!

I know what you are thinking. Well of course if there is gold in Ukraine, given the fact that currently everybody loves gold (despite the obvious bubble bursting when the markets get brave again and leave that safe haven) then Ukraine will obviously mine it. Even if it has to be in a joint venture with the Australians.

Although its news, it is hardly news that interests me very much!

Well, that depends if you are what is known as a “sophisticated investor”, or as they are known in the financial investment world, “Sophs”. If you are, the mere fact I am mentioning your little circle and the fact the above link states that the companies mining for this gold are looking to raise $50 million in investment has now got your attention, fleeting or more sustained.

I can tell you “Sophs” that there is an IPO in the next few months on an exchange that is not Ukrainian but is an EU exchange to raise this investment.

As you “Sophs” are generally quite intelligent, you will be able to read between the lines of what I am about to write and compare the opportunities to those that make US Congressmen very rich when they obtain shares prior to an IPO and then sell them once the IPO has been successful, or indeed keep them in their portfolio as is their want.

I may or may not be in a position to point you in the right direction to negotiate share purchases prior to the IPO. I may or may not be in possession of the geology survey. I may or may not know the who and how for entry in this deal.

Being “Sophs” you will be aware of the risks of buying non quoted stock prior to the IPO, but you will also be aware of the returns after a successful IPO. Needless to say I am about as qualified to give financial or investment advice as Gordon Brown was to run the UK budget for a decade, however, you are “Sophs” and need only to know the opportunity exists.

If you are an interested “Soph”, you may want to leave a comment below that will never reach the public domain or be published here, but will provide some contact details for others to contact you in due course and confidentially.

OK - on to other matters tomorrow that will certainly no be of interest to “Sophs” but maybe to the simply sophisticated. Then again maybe not!