Tobruk and a Salute to the Shalala lala la Guys… (AAR T005-6)

Continuing with the action in North Africa, Rommel’s Afrika Korps follows in the footsteps of history with a series of hard fought attacks to take the Port of Tobruk. Most of the English Army has retreated, but by the time all is said and done, the English will have lost four brigades defending Tobruk and two more at Bardia.

Situation on Turn 5.

Situation on Turn 6.

The English have brought in significant reinforcements by sea to defend Egypt, but aerial reconnaissance has not managed to determine the full extent of these efforts. Unlike Rommel who pressed his advantage following Tobruk to the fullest - up to the village of El Alamein, the advance here will be more cautious, albeit equally opportunistic. Intention is to keep close to Axis supply lines but aggressively meet any tests the English may throw at the advance. The Sands of North Africa are likely to be quiet for a number of weeks - so attention can focus on the bulk of the fighting - in Russia.

Meanwhile… in Iraq, some 70 years later, we can appreciate the good humor and wit of the English Army

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