The Odessa Files: The Bavarian Beerhall Blitz?

Remember… Remember the Eighth of November? Probably not, it’s totally antithetical to the ideology behind V for Vendetta.. One of the most interesting facts concerning World War II is that Hitler did jail time!

This was back on November 8th, 1923 when he attempted to lead an armed coup to overthrow the government of Bavaria. This event is known as the Beer Hall Putsch and as you might suspect, it wasn’t quite a resounding success.

The failure of Hitler’s (first) armed coup led to his being sentenced to death by firing squad, death by lethal injection, life in prison, a twenty year prison sentence, c’mon… 10 years in prison? Your freakin’ kidding me… 5 years in prison? Well…. he was sentenced to five years in prison, but his exemplary behavior during the course of writing Mein Kampf, or something led to the Bavarian Supreme Court deciding to let him out after a year.

We can reasonable guess that instead of drawing a pistol had he attempted to blow up the Beer Hall such leniency would never have been permitted. Bavarian beer is just that good!

Bavaria? Isn’t that where Adam Weishaupt started the CENSORED.

Okay - So they’re Sweet Swiss…


Nevermind, nothing to see here, move along, move along…

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