Temporary changes - Odessa Airport - Rosh Hashanah

For regular fliers to and from Odessa airport, be aware of a few temporary changes between 12 - 21 September at the terminal building.

Odessa will be handling 40 flights relating to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and as always there will be a lot of Jews arriving and departing from Odessa airport as they make their way to, or are returning from, Uman, where they visit the grave of Rabbi Nachman who was laid to rest there in 1810.

The result of this religious influx this year, I am reliably informed, is one of increased security and a decision to deal with the religious tourists/pilgrims separately within the Odessa airport terminal.  Thus, do not be surprised if there will be slight delays in processing of travelers and luggage as a result.

So if you are arriving or departing Odessa between 12 - 21 September, my advice will be to allow yourself a little more check-in time in case the airport staff are dealing with the additional flights, passengers and sensibilities of this annual influx.