Symbology of the terraces - Ukrainian nationalists


In what is likely to severely scupper somebody’s business plans for the Lviv Arena, FIFA have banned the Ukrainian national football team from playing there until the completion of the 2018 World Cup tournament. Quite rightly given the breaking of FIFA rules. The offences committed reminiscent of UK football terraces in the late 1970′s/early 1980′s - […]

European Parliament to ratify AA/DCFTA before May 2014?

As some people know, many people won’t, and sadly even less will care - the European Parliament elections take place between 22 - 25 May 2014.  Like many parliaments, an active electorate continually in decline numerically, ultimately means a parliament seen by many of its own constituents as more and more without legitimacy. Matters become […]

Ukrainian civil society to speak with one voice - Is that what it’s for?

Regular readers of this blog will know that Ukrainian civil society has often fallen within my cross-hairs. Not in its entirety it has to be said - the small, grass roots civil society actors working directly at the proverbial coal face dealing with issues such as domestic violence, HIV, TB, prostitution, human trafficking et al […]

Yes 2013 - Most interesting statement was………


As the 10th Yes conference closed in Yalta, after some very entertaining exchanges, speeches, addresses and debates - in fact probably the most entertaining Yes gathering in its history - I am left looking for what, amongst the enormous amount live-streamed and reported dialogue, really framed the immediate core issue facing Ukraine - through a […]

YES 2013 - The worst address so far? Too much “me and not enough “U”kraine?


At a gathering of politicians, intellectuals, civil society, media and assorted people of note, specifically aimed at Ukraine and its European path, the 10th Yalta European Strategy meeting has produced numerous speeches and addresses. They have ranged from positions firmly established upon ideological mountain tops to the far less visionary but no less important pragmatic […]

Yalta Conference - Time for today’s democracy lesson - Inclusiveness


As of now, the 10th annual Yalta Conference (Yalta European Strategy or “Yes”) is underway. The list of speakers is both lengthy and impressive - and yet it is highly unlikely that any one of them will not deliver the same very basic message time and again.  Democracy 1 - 0 - 1.  Albeit occasionally […]

Twitter and Interfax - Correcting positions on Tymoshenko

Sometimes the media report things that seem to be absolutely contrary to everything we would expect - and yet it is there in black and white, accurately quoted and seemingly in its proper context.  Occasionally it is so seemingly out of sync with everything that has gone before it that some of us would want […]

To pharma or not pharma - That is the question (and the SCM answer)


At the end of August, some time around the 20th, my Facebook friend Natalya Yemchenko let it be known that Rinat Akhmetov and his 100% owned investment vehicle SCM were leaving the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and selling Ukrainian Pharmacy Holding. Now Natalia would know - she is the Communications and Public Relations Director for SCM.  Her […]

Inspirational quotes or yet further empty rhetoric? Tymoshenko and time

Yesterday, Yulia Tymoshenko had an interview published in Ukrainskaya Pravda in which, aside from belatedly trying to re-frame her financially ruinous gas deal of 2009 as part of a strategic plan to force Ukraine off of Russian gas - obviously re-framed for the very gullible now things have worked out the way they have  - she stated […]

Швейцарского телевидения ищет женщин в Одессе/Swiss TV looking for female in Odessa


Я связался Патрисией Банзер Швейцарского национального телевидения, которая ищет молодую женщину в Одессе, чтобы говорить о том, что именно - молодая женщина в Одессе и с которыми они сталкиваются, касающихся прав женщин. Предпочтительно активное участие в кампании за права женщин, хотя молодая девушка со свежим и интересным подходом к теме также будет представлять интересю Всех, […]

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