Putting a cost on human rights violations - Ukraine


Yesterday, Valeryia Lutskova, the Ukrainian Ombudsman for human rights raised the issue of European Court of Human Rights (ECfHR) fines levied at Ukraine thus far in 2013. Thus far, those fines have reached UAH 60,000,000 - or about $7.400,000.  Perhaps small beans in the scheme of annual  national budgets - until you consider that since […]

“Ukraine was the top improver” - You don’t read that very often!


“Ukraine was the top improver in 2012/13, implementing reforms in 8 of the 10 areas measured by Doing Business.” Blimey! It’s not often you read anything that states Ukraine was the most improved at anything - and yet it is there in black and white, front and centre, on Page 9 of the World Bank/IFC “Doing Business […]

The Russian bellwether now pointing toward reality?


There are several bellwethers worthy of watching when it comes to Ukraine’s possible meeting of EU conditions for the signing of the Association Agreement in exactly a month. Naturally the first, and naturally the least clear, are the actions of the Ukrainian leadership, particularly in respect to the circumstances around Ms Tymoshenko. That said, those […]

President Komorowski statement - What of proportionality?


In amongst what has become standard statements from EU leaders to the Ukrainian political class, this recent statement made by Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski has an interesting little addition which many don’t contain. “Poland does not question the decision of the Ukrainian courts, but noted that “human rights are and will always be the foundation of […]

Nobbling Klitschko – A who dunnit!


Back on 1st July this year, I wrote this regarding the pending Constitutional difficulty Vitali Klitschko’s presidential bid would certainly face - Article 103 to be precise. In short, a matter of residency in Ukraine for the past 10 years as per constitutional requirement to run for the office of President - an issue I […]

Lest we forget - Anniversary of the Odessa Massacres


Living in Odessa , it is perhaps necessary for me to take a pause and ignore the current politics of the day, for a fleeting moment and look to local history. This week marked the 72 anniversary of the 1941 Odessa massacres. These massacres carried out predominantly  by the Romanian army on the orders of […]

Seemingly more selective prosecution in Ukraine despite EU eyes looking on


Whilst Ms Tymoshenko is centre stage as the temporary symbol  of political persecution in Ukraine - with all international eyes looking in - you would think that, at least temporarily, the dullards within the Party of Regions would put a moratorium on the practice - at lest until or if, the Association Agreement is signed […]

A small step in the right direction - Business ownership and data protection Ukraine

data prot

Effective as of now, the State Registration Service of Ukraine has made access to data on company founders, divisions of companies and various other morsels of corporate information free. Dmytro Verona, head of the State Registration Service stated “This will positively influence the development of Ukraine’s business cooperation, under the principles of transparency and openness. […]

Ends and means - Tymoshenko options


Many people could be forgiven for thinking that Ms Tymoshenko has only one lawyer - the less than erudite and very short-term thinking Serhiy Vlasenko. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t have only one. In fact it is probably more fortunate for Ukraine than it is for her, that Mykola Siryi is on her team.  Fortunate […]

RADA to adopt law to allow Tymoshenko treatment abroad next week….maybe

Ukrainian legal

According to Petro Poroshenko, next week the RADA will adopt a law that will provide a way for prisoners to receive treatment abroad, paving the way for Ms Tymoshenko to go to Germany for treatment. As far as I can tell, the draft law to which he refers would allow prisoners to have treatment abroad […]

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