An appeal to readers - Обращение к читателям

Though my blogs will continue - I am tempted to try something new.

Thus an appeal to all my readers on twitter, Facebook, VK, LinkedIn, RSS subscribers etc.

I am looking for bloggers from across Ukraine, or that are written by Ukrainian passport holding citizens outside of Ukraine.

Yes that immediately discounts blogs from “western experts” unless they have a Ukrainian IP address.  Yes that immediately discounts the diaspora and those whose links to Ukraine are as tangible as their grandmothers, sister’s friend once meeting a Ukrainian they rather liked 20 years ago in a coffee shop in Copenhagen.

Ukrainian IP addresses or Ukrainian citizens only.

I am seeking blog addresses and/or links from the occupied territories of Crimea to Sumy.  From Donetsk to Izmail.  From Lviv to Lozova.

Any blogs that fit these parameters that readers would recommend or bloggers themselves want to bring to my attention are welcome.

Back to entries from me to which you are accustomed tomorrow!


Хотя мои блоги будут продолжать - я испытываю желание попробовать что-то новое.

Таким образом призыв ко всем моим читателям на Twitter, Facebook, ВКонтакте, LinkedIn, абоненты RSS и т.д.

Ищу блоггеров из всей Украине, или с украинским паспортом и граждан за пределами Украины.

Да, что тут же скидки для блогов из “западных экспертов», если они не имеют украинского IP-адрес. Да, что тут же скидки диаспоры и тех, чьи ссылки на Украине же осязаемые, как их бабушки, друзья сестры время совещания украинец они скорее понравилось 20 лет назад в кафе в Копенгагене.

Украинские IP-адреса или граждане Украины только.

Я ищу в блоге адреса и / или ссылки с оккупированных территорий Крыма в Сумы. Из Донецка в Измаиле. От Львова до Лозова.

Любые блоги, которые соответствуют этим параметрам, что читатели рекомендовали бы или блоггеров  которые сами хотят довести до моего сведения приветствуются.

Вернусь к записям от меня, к которым вы привыкли завтра!



  1. Christopher Sargeant says:

    Whilst I do not consider myself as a “Western Expert”, I live in western Europe (United Kingdom) and have been a regular visitor to Ukraine over the past 5 years so I hope my comment will carry a little weight… I will not bore you with my political comments from the last 5 months of activity in Ukraine but would just like to highlight one episode which I consider to be a reflection of what will be the huge problem that the new elected parliament will need to address…
    I visited Odessa, as I have for the past 3 years to attend the annual Humourina on April 1. This year was, naturally, a little muted but I enjoyed it as I always do. On the previous day, I walked to the Potemkin Stairs as many visitors do and noticed the shrine there to those who fell at Maidan… a short distance away, literally yards, I was totally ripped off by those who charged me $50 USD to take my photo with my own camera albeit with an animal they placed on me without request. I found it sickening that these people operate within this shrine to those very people who fought to free Ukraine from corruption.
    Nikolai, I would be happy to hear your reply. I love Ukraine and Odessa in particular and I wish to return again soon.
    My email address: [email protected]

  2. no offense, but the Russian version of the post above appears to be a crude machine translation. (for example: “discounts” (the third-person verb) is translated as “скидки” (which has the same meaning as the plural of the _noun_ “discount”)

  3. sorry but j do not undestand, if search a discution with western blogger or prefear contact ONLY ucraine people thank you