Criminal Code overhaul - Ukraine

As many of you dear readers will be aware, successive Ukrainian governments since independence have done very little by way of updating historical Soviet laws that weren’t in their interest at the time to do so.  (Namely if such laws did not stand in their way to achieve X or Y, then they have remained […]

Council of Europe unveils Euro 22 million plan for Ukrainian reform

Now here is a question that all foreign policy planners face on a regular basis. Do you engage and try and change things from within the system or do you opt out and make statements from afar which have very little effect? If you engage and try to change thing from within, what is the […]

PACE adopts resolution condemning CIA black prisions in the EU

Whilst under the stewardship of Ukraine until November, the Council of Europe/PACE has adopted a draft resolution condemning the CIA using and EU nations hosting black prisons. Those EU nations being Spain, Portugal, Poland and Lithuania. PACE has urged prosecutors to continue their investigations and urged parliamentary inquiries into the activities of respective secret services. […]