Dnipropetrovsk bombings - Amongst the victims will be truth

Firstly before saying anything about the events of yesterday and the four bombs that went off around Dnipropetrovsk injuring 27, hosptialising 25, requiring the amputation of an arm and serious injuries to a young woman, it is important to show sympathy to the victims of this crime. They are the innocent, the unsuspecting and the […]

The Dnipropetrovsk investment roadshow - Brussels 12 April 2012

Odds-bodkins! It for weeks I have been meaning to post this and then something else took precedents and now it is almost too late! Tomorrow, Committee of the Regions of the EU (Bâtiment Jacques Delors, Rue Belliard 99-101, B - 1040 Brussels - Belgium), 0930 - 1300, the Dnipropetrovsk investment roadshow takes place.  (Actually there are […]