Russia adds to Tymoshenko’s woes

When you are under the cosh in in politics in this neck of the woods, you are really under the cosh. Not only is Ms Tymoshenko justifiably under investigation for several incidents highlighted by Kroll Inc relating to her tie in office, Russia has now dropped another PR bomb on her as well. (I say […]

No pain, no gain? In the RADA this week……

It looks as though there is going to be a rather painful and quite unpopular few days in the RADA this week. Firstly, the law on pension reform will get its eventual and much delayed perusal.  It will not be popular but it is much needed.  It was much needed even before the IMF made […]

Ex-President Kuchma speaks on the tug of war over trade (and influence)

Well, after a few rather heavy and hopefully thought provoking posts over the past few days, I expect you are wanting a return to lesser matters dear readers. Fear not, the political holidays will soon be upon us in Ukraine, although of course, the politics and diplomacy will not stop. In the meantime, Ex-President Kuchma, […]