No more IMF money until after 2012 elections….but it’s not urgent

Well now, Ukraine and the IMF are at a stand-off once again, although this time it would seem to suit Ukraine, at least politically, and possibly spell the end of IMF assistance to Ukraine. A few months ago The Democratist and I sat in Odessa discussing Ukrainian issues and the IMF came up.  He seemed […]

No pain, no gain? In the RADA this week……

It looks as though there is going to be a rather painful and quite unpopular few days in the RADA this week. Firstly, the law on pension reform will get its eventual and much delayed perusal.  It will not be popular but it is much needed.  It was much needed even before the IMF made […]

A flurry of activity before the holidays at the RADA?

My UK readers will remember a rather poor statement, albeit a true one, from Jo Moore, a Labour Party “spin doctor” who stated on the day of 9/11 that is was a “very good day to bury bad news” as far as the then government was concerned, thus encouraging whatever unpopular and bad results the […]