Combined Heating and Power plant privitisation - Ukraine

This year, the combined heating and power plants (CHP’s) for Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson are all due to be privatised. None of which seems likely between now and the end of the year due to the tender process and the clauses within the tenders. Amongst the clauses are the conversion of the plants from […]

Naftogaz reorganisation and the role of the State in development

The Ukrainian loss making State owned behemoth that is Naftogaz Ukraine is about to get broken down, reorganised but not, as the EBRD have stated is necessary over the years, privatised. Actually that may not be quite accurate, there are certain parts of Naftogaz that are now legally banned from privatisation and others that quite […]

Ukrainian Gas Transport System - Trilateral JV

A quick post today as I have one more day dealing with the Odessa buildings inspectorate before the first of many signatures and stamps are collected for the documentation I need. It seems that Russia has changed its position over a strictly bilateral agreement with Ukraine if it was to invest in and upgrade the […]

European Energy Security and Ukraine

A few days ago I mentioned the EU Supergrid opportunities for Ukraine.  A project that I would hope Ukraine gets involved in as much as possible, not only as a transit route but also as a producer and exporter in its owns right. Anyway, if you click on “Maps” and then on “Map 6” from […]