What weight to give the on-line debate? Freedom of Speech - Freedom House “Freedom of the Net report” and Ukrainian elections

For the first time, Ukraine has been included in the Freedom House, Freedom of the Net report.  Ukraine was ranked as being “Free”. And, well why wouldn’t it be?  No bloggers have been arrested, there is no political interference that is noticeable, and no Internet applications are blocked by the government. Further, the Ukrainian forums are […]

PACE to send 41 election observers to Ukraine

You will recall I wrote about Ukraine’s invitation to external bodies to send election observers for the forthcoming elections back in March. The Council of Europe/PACE has stated it will send 41 observers under the supervision of Andreas Gross of Switzerland.  Mr Gross has written two rather interesting papers over the past 4 years relating […]

Ukraine adopts new Criminal Procedures Code (after a few amendments)

Sometime around 1995 Ukraine promised the Council of Europe/PACE that upon entry to that particular club, it would sort out the due process, from arrest through to sentencing of existing procedures within Ukraine.  By 0400 in the morning of 14th April 2012, it kept that promise, assuming the President doesn’t veto it when it reaches […]