Structural and contents insurance - Odessa

It is not often I write something that promotes a commercial company (in either a positive or negative light) - but - In the decade I have been here I have insured my car, every house I have built (prior to sale) and every apartment I own with the same company.  I have only ever […]

Another good idea but with no clear implementation policy

You know how I continually highlight the Ukrainian government spouting numerous good ideas as solutions for numerous obvious problems but failing because would would be effective policy falls short on the means of implementation? Well here is yet another good idea that will undoubtedly fail through ineffective implementation and result in being a government statement […]

Transformation of Ukrainian banking system

Well here is a somewhat interesting statement from the President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, Mr Olexsandr Suhoniako. He is somewhat concerned that only 30% of all bank loans in Ukraine go into the real economy and create jobs. He is further concerned that there are actually only three banks really lending and they […]

Real estate tax to take effect from H2 2012

Just a quick post today to state that the real estate tax comes into effect in H2 of 2012. Why quick? - I have a few bits of real estate I want to sell so will spend the rest of the day looking at the best ways to raise their profile in a still rather […]