Operation Fridericus and Case Blue (T002)

The Third Reich 1942 - 1945 AAR Turn 002. Operation Fridericus and Case Blue - The Historical Narrative. Operation Fridericus was essentially the first phase of Case Blue, culminating in the Battle of Voronezh -a mere 280 miles south of Moscow. Axis forces included Fourth Panzer Armee under General Hermann Hoth versus the Soviet 40th […]

The Third Reich 1942 - 1945; AAR Turn 001.

An After Action Report and TOAW IIII Play Test Mark (Axis) vs. Mike (Allies) The specifics of this campaign are detailed in the World War II and Odessa Files: Take Two. This is a monster - easily one of the largest wargame scenarios available. It runs 158 turns - far shorter than the even larger […]